Staff and student travel patterns revealed

Sociological themes in essays

Those who are studying the sociology course will definitely argue that it is one of the best spheres to learn about. You can realize how much your personal experience and life situations depend on the general sociological factors. Each person is a part of the society, the huge sociological structure that is subdivided into lots of smaller ones. Possibility to connect your own behavior and attitude to the different things to the other helps to understand the general sociological phenomena and explain them. If you want to write coursework on how the sociology influences on the student’s conscious and his perception of the surrounding world, use this good coursework help service.

My experience shows that sociology findings help me understand those simple things I could not notice before. Our everyday life is full of different business, and lots of them require communication and dealing with others people. It is extremely interesting to discover the reasons and peculiarities of the person’s behavior and compare the attitude of different people to the same things.

Travel survey for staff and students

The purpose for doing such survey was to find out the ways of travelling that the staff and students prefer. I was deeply interested in the reasons that force the people to choose the one way of travelling and ignore the other ones. It is well-known for everybody that there are as many ways of thinking as many people exist. However, very often people agreed in something with each other and they always have the reason for their statements. That is what sociological survey allowed me to do: to examine the attitude of different people to the ways of travelling.

Students who are studying everyday need to visit their university regularly and every time they have to decide how they should get to the campus. It is an important part of their day, and they try to make it effective and fast at the same time. Some of the learners live far from the place they are studying, and the way to the college or university takes much time for them. For that reasons, they are struggling to find the fastest way to get to the destinations. Others think more about their budget and try to choose the cheapest alternative from all the possible ones.

The same situation is familiar to the staff. The way to the work is the routine part of their mornings and takes their time. For those, who appreciate their time most of all, the fastest means of travelling are the best. However, some of the staff think more about the waste of money and are ready to spend much more time in the way if it saves their budget.

The survey reached a huge number of people. In fact, more than a thousand participants were involved in it and expressed their willingness to tell how they get to the place of studying or working.

The results of the survey and their meaning

After doing a survey, we received the following results:

30% of the staff and 45% of the students take a train to get to the place of work or study. They state that it is the most suitable way to travel to the campus and they choose it without hesitation. People who are going by trains can meet others on the way and have an opportunity to communicate with them during the way. Additionally, it is not much expensive.

15% of the participants choose to use their own car to get on the place. Here belong both student and the staff. They agree that using the own car every day is the most expensive way of travelling from all the possible ones. However, they state that it is the most comfortable way and this is the main reason why they choose it. Having your own car means to be able to get to any destination at any time of the day.

The last 5% are those, who live not far from the college or working place. They state that more happily choose to walk or cycle that using other ways of travelling. They don’t need to use their cars as it gives them more difficulties connecting with traffic jams and parking.


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