Sing songs and travel free on taxi – Sing along Shuttle Taxi

Finland: This interesting news has come from Finland where a taxi service has been started. This taxi rental is just that you will keep singing and taxi will continue and as soon as you stop singing, the driver also stops the taxi.

This taxi has been named ‘Sing along Shuttle’ and it is announced on the occasion of “Roosevelic Music Festival” in Torquo, Finland. Which is also called an international music festival. This service has been presented by an energy-generating firm fortum which works in northern Europe. People sitting in it are attracted around the festival. The charge is just that when you sit in the taxi, the driver starts singing and you need to sing along with driver, and as soon as you stop the singing, the driver stops the car at the same time.

Its aim is that the company wants to inform people about the electric car. Because it does not contain engine sounds and people can easily communicate and sing songs.

The siters in this car claim that it is very comfortable and silent, which does not have any annoyance. However, siters can choose any song of their choice. Many of us have interest in singing but we feel shy in front of others. In that same way, people have to sing with a driver.

On the other hand, there is a tablet installed in the car, in which you can find your favorite songs, and in this way people use to enjoy singing in this taxi.

The people sitting in Taxi expressed happiness and said, it does not required any talk with driver. You just need to sing a song with driver.

Watch the Video of Sing along Shuffle Taxi –¬†Sing Along Shuffle Taxi – Finland


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