Sin City: Your Guide to Being a Responsible Traveler While in Las Vegas

Do you consider yourself as a responsible person? Possibly, it just depends on what your definition of responsible is, right? Everyone has their own idea of what it means to be responsible. Being responsible can be incorporated in every aspect of your life from your health to your finances but however you consider yourself to be responsible, do you carry your responsible ways with you when you go on vacations?

That’s the thing. Whenever people go on vacations, they feel like it’s an excuse to drop their responsible ways and then pick them back up once they return home. Depending on where your vacation is, it can be harder than other places to maintain your responsible ways. One of the hardest travel destinations to be a responsible traveler is in Las Vegas… oddly enough, its nickname is “Sin City!”

Las Vegas embodies the phrase “go big or go home.” From the temptations to indulge in pure gluttony at the buffets to the self-restraint you have to practice in the casinos, Vegas definitely makes it very hard to be a responsible traveler but it is very doable… it’s really all in your head. With certain aspects of Vegas, you have to ask yourself if you’d do this if you were in your hometown… if your answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t do it.

Before you hop on the plane and make your way to Americas “adult playground,” make sure to take a look at some of these helpful tips on how to stay grounded while you’re in Vegas!

Responsibility #1: Maintain Your Exercising Routine

This is the biggest area where people feel like just because they’re on vacation, their exercise routine gets to go on vacation as well. It’s actually very important to stay fit while on vacation. Even the smallest deviation from your normal routine will make it harder to get back to your normal routine when you return home.

Now you don’t necessarily have to kill yourself in your hotel’s gym by doing intense workouts that you normally do at home but you do want to make sure that you’re at least working out while you’re on vacation. Even if it’s doing a couple of laps around the hotel or up and down the strip!

Responsibility #2: Stick to Your Normal Eating Habits With Minimal Deviations

Sticking to your normal eating habits will definitely be a challenge, especially in Vegas. Do you know how many endless buffets are in Las Vegas? Too many to name! Now, one of the whole points of traveling is to experience the culture and the food, so you don’t have to go to Vegas and starve yourself but you also don’t have to go to Vegas and eat the whole buffet line either!

To give you an idea just how much food is in Sin City, the Las Vegas Sun reports how Las Vegas consumes around 30 tons of shrimp per day!

For one, eating all that food can really upset your stomach if you’re not used to eating that type of food, especially if it’s really greasy, so you’ll want to go easy on your consumption anyway just to make sure you don’t give yourself an upset stomach.

The key to being a responsible traveler with food in Vegas is to indulge in moderation. With all the buffets and unique eateries, you’re going to want to try a little bit of this and a little bit of that, right? Well, do just that. If you go to a buffet and you see 10 different things you want to try, you don’t have to pile all 10 things on your plate… you can still eat all 10 of those things, you just need to be mindful of your portion sizes

Responsibility #3: Look For Deals

If you talk to anyone who has been to Vegas or who lives in Vegas, they’ll tell you to never pay full price for anything! Did you know there are passes that give you all kinds of discounts to Vegas attractions? There are passes that get you free entry to the club, discounted prices to Vegas shows, and vouchers for free meals at certain hotels.

This another thing where you have to ask yourself if you would pay that much if you were in your hometown? Majority of the times, you probably wouldn’t so Vegas is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be able to still enjoy the perks of Vegas without spending an arm and a leg to do so!

As mentioned earlier, being responsible in Vegas might be hard but it isn’t impossible… just mentally prepare yourself and you’ll be able to be a responsible traveler and still be able to have loads of fun!

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