Nepal Honeymoon Tours: An Offbeat Expedition

Nepal is a well-known South-Asian nation, which is flooded by a large flock of tourists from around the globe. It is not only nature but also the vibrant culture and tradition of this country that captivate the heart of visitors. Apart from family and group trips that are commonly encountered here, honeymoon tours are a prominent trend in the region. Newly-weds are fond of the serenity of the landscape and get to explore the hidden gems of the nation. Because sometimes, unboxing the mysteries is far better than wandering amidst the common favorites. Nepal, the roof of the world, blesses couples with a thrill-bound experience, that too, not just by the way of an adrenaline rush but also through the love and affection that it ignites. Nepal honeymoon packages also make sure that that goal is achieved well by considering the offbeat destinations, which have hardly ever entertained human presence. Let’s dive in to learn about some of these mystic places in Nepal.

Tilicho Lake

Annapurna mountain range is a common attraction of this country, which every tourist dream to have a glimpse of. And Tilicho lake unravels the same. Elevated at an altitude of 4,919m above sea level, this lake gives a majestic view of the great Himalayas, while you sit at the shore. Chilled breeze passing by and the glittery gift of nature in the front, bring honeymooners close in an instant.

Gokyo Valley

The stellar view of Gokyo valley has seldom been traversed by human species, due to which it still rests in its indigenous state. The valley is located in the west of the Khumbu area and pampers couples with its glamour. Exploring Nepalese culture amidst immaculate turquoise lakes and picturesque Himalayan splendors feel amazing.


Couples, who are also adventurists, will love Jiri as they can get down for an exhilarating trekking route to Everest. Even if one doesn’t want to reach Everest, Jiri is such a spell-bound place, which couples might not want to miss out on. Try plan a trip during October and November when its unique and breath-taking beauty is at its best.

Rara National Park

Those with a huge interest in both flora and fauna ought to visit Rara national park. Perched at an elevation of 2800m to 4000m, it is Nepal’s smallest national park that was founded in 1976. It boasts a wide range of animal species, including musk deer, red panda, snow leopard, jackal, and yellow-throated marten.

Panch Pokhari

Yes, extremes are traceable but not by many. Panch Pokhari boasts the five highest mountainous lakes of the planet, which also holds some pious beliefs. It dwells at a height of 5,494m and is popular as a pilgrimage site of Hindus. The landscape is a perfect blend of biological diversity and spiritual essence.

Having read about the aforementioned sites for an unbeaten escape, one can anticipate what Nepal honeymoon tours expose us to is nothing less than a gem. Hence, next time while planning a trip to this heavenly abode, don’t forget to unfold the magic of these places.


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