Melania Trump’s visit to Africa in Picture’s

American first lady Melania Trump visit their first international tour visited four African countries Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt, aimed at promoting the welfare of children.

Melania visited an orphanage of elephant

Melania visited an orphanage of elephant in Kenya where she also gave milk to an elephant child.

Melania wearing Kenyan Hat

Criticism arise on  Malania wearing the hat in Kenya's tour. They said that this is the symbol of colonial period.

Women in Ghana watching protocol of Melania Trump

Women of Ghana do not see anything happierin seeing Melania Africa

She visited a former slave fort

Melania Trump visit Slave Trade Center

Milania said during a visit to the slave trade center, "What happened last few years ago, is really tragic."

Ghanian Child Happy with Melania

Like many other women, Melania has also focused on children's problems

Melania in elementary School of Malawi Capital

At an elementary school of Malwangi's Malawi capital

Melania in Egypt

In the shadow of the pyramids in Egypt.

In Cairo

In egypt Cairo 

Melania in Ghana

Malania started his journey from Ghana's visit, where he first inspected a hospital.

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