Let the Planning Begin! Where to Travel In 2020 with Kids

Traveling with kids is understandable, not the easiest. You have to take into account their strengths and weaknesses, their will to do certain things, and most of all, what they enjoy, or where they would prefer going. However, there isn’t anything to worry about because there are plenty of places one can travel and explore while also keeping it suitable for youngsters. Here are some places you can go on family tour holidays, whether your kids are the adventurous types or want to relax.

1. Puglia, Italy

Puglia is at the bottom of Italy, so you can spend your summer vacations there basking in the sun. Beaches are aplenty here, with the Salento Peninsula being a standard vacation hotspot. It is the seaside town of Otranto and has a massive castle that can make for a family tour holiday! You should give Agriturismo La Palascia a visit if you want a great destination to go to, and TrulliArcobaleno if you want your kids to experience a fairy-tale-like land.

2. Maribor, Slovenia

Slovenia might be a small country. It is an amazing one, and that is perfect for traveling via car. Your family can go north from the capital to Maribor, where you can find all sorts of age-appropriate entertainment for you and your kids. You can choose to canoe or do other water activities on the river Drava in the summer, while also being able to ski in the winter. The Maribor City Centre is an excellent place for its proximity to all the malls and events.

3. Kerala, India

If you want to experience India at a pace that is suitable for small children, Kerala offers more than enough. You can start in Kochi, where the Fort Cochin resides and has excellent hotels and restaurants. You can reach peaceful backwaters on a day trip from there. Still, you can also get a little adventurous and introduce your kids to an overnight stay on a houseboat along the waterways that start from Alappuzha or Kumbakonam. Allow your kids to fall in love with the state’s national parks where you can go elephant spotting and bamboo rafting.

4. Brittany, France

What makes for an unforgettable European beach holiday is Brittany. This side of France offers almost everything needed for a family-friendly tour, from sublime seaside resorts and campsites to remote and rocky coves and promontories. Try visiting St-Malo first, which is an old walled town with gorgeous beaches. You kids will have the opportunity to windsurf and do catamaran sailing.

5. Nairobi, Kenya

Even though this city might not make sense as far as being kid-friendly is concerned, it certainly does have some fantastic child-friendly attractions. The Nairobi National Park will be a treat for your kids who might not have seen the magnificent animals of Africa outside their schoolbooks. They can see lions, giraffes, zebras, and leopards roam free, and can make for the perfect wildlife-watching trip. There is a giraffe center where your kids can feed the giraffes with their hands.

6. Bran, Romania

Branching out to include older kids, who might be intrigued by elements of horror, folklore, and mystery, you should visit Romania. Bran castle offers the most in terms of being reminiscent of a vampire’s lair, where it is located precariously on a rocky cliff with mountains in the backdrop, and its turrets and ramparts, and overall grim look. You can tell them about the historical figure that had inspired the Dracula Legend (Vlad the Impaler). There are plenty of other atmospheric places present in Romania that you absolutely must explore.

7. Toronto, Canada

If you have ever wanted to visit Canada to get to know what it is like, then Toronto is where you should go. It is brimming with kid-friendly activities like boarding a streetcar or going up the famous CN Tower to see the dinosaur bones and native Canadian headdresses at the Royal Ontario Museum. Explore Chinatown and the Kensington Market, and you can ferry your way to Toronto Islands. Then you can witness the spectacular Niagra Falls and the rocky islets of Georgian Bay.

8. Osaka, Japan

When it comes to Japan, almost any of the famous metropolitan cities like Tokyo and Okinawa can work. Osaka is a high starting point to discover the country and also great for kids because it has Universal Studios located there! Visit the theme park with your kids and make lasting memories with the rides, foods, and souvenirs. Visit the renowned and historic Osaka castle that is as beautiful as it is magnificent. Visit the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, where your kids can marvel at the different aquatic beings they have never seen before, and finally rest and eat at Dotonbori.

With these locations on cards, you can plan a trip quite easily!


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