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Keep Up With The New Adventures Of The Famous “Follow Me To”

Traveling is about making memories. It makes us richer with new experiences. And photos are inevitable part of every adventure. You must have your own collection already. Probably, you have seen the amazing adventures of that cute couple that makes amazing photos. They have managed to keep their memories, but in a very fun way.  Seems like this famous couple is enjoying their life. And we can notice that on each photo we see. The cool couple that are holding hands have become so popular on the Internet. They have visited so many beautiful places, and have made so many amazing photos that are worth sharing. And they constantly do it. It is pretty hard to keep up with their crazy adventures.

If you have already seen their amazing adventures, then you should not miss the new ones. If you have a personal photo like these in your collection, feel free to share it with us. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite one!

#2 Bagan, Myanmar

#3 Bangkok

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Written by Kristina


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