Karni Mata Rat Temple For Rajasthan Tourist For Holidays

The Rajasthan tourists consider the Karni  Mata Temple as sacred. There is a Hindu temple in Bikaner, Rajasthan, which is called the ‘Temple of the Rats’. Surprisingly, 20,000 rats live here, whose false offerings are given to the devotees. It is clear from this that the place where the abode of faith resides automatically becomes pure. Even though the devotees who come here do not tolerate mice in their homes, they have to live among the rats after entering this temple. This temple is located at ‘Deshnok’, 30 km from Bikaner. Let’s know, what else makes this temple the most different. Rajasthan tour is the best tour  for india tourist.  walmarttravels providing best kerala tour packages for holidays.

1.Dedicated to Mother Goddess:- This temple of Bikaner is mainly dedicated to Mata Karni Devi, who is considered to be the incarnation of Mata ‘Jagdamba’. It is religious belief that where this temple is there, about six and a half hundred years ago, Mata Karni used to stay in the cave and worship her deity. This ancient cave is still located here. It is said that the idol of Mata Karni was installed in this cave only on the wish of the mother. Some people believe that today’s Bikaner and Jodhpur came into existence only with the blessings of their mother. Karni Mata  is the best opption for Rajasthan tour packages for holiday. There are many places for Rajasthan tourist holiday.

2.Temple structure:- The temple of Mata is made of marble, the rats of which start to explode as soon as they cross the main doors. Being made of marble, this temple looks quite beautiful and grand. The attractive carvings on the walls of the temple make it special. Fine work on walls, doors and windows can catch anyone’s attention. You can see the architecture here besides religious activities here. The doors of this temple are made of silver and the roof is made of gold. Karni Mata is very amazing temple for Rajasthan tourist for holidays.

3.Rat blast:- Many times the Rajasthan Tourist get scared even after seeing the army of rats in the temple premises. The number of mice can be estimated from the fact that from the main door of the temple to the statue of the mother, you have to drag your feet. Rajasthan Tourist visit Mata Karni in this way. Here you will mostly see black mice, yes if you see a white mouse then it is considered a virtue. It is believed that if you make a wish by seeing the white rat, then it is definitely fulfilled. There is also a large silver platter for the offerings of mice. Rajasthan tourist  enjoy very much, when they came to See karni mata Mandir.

4.Construction of temple:- Karani Devi Temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of the princely state of Bikaner in the 20th century. Mata Karni is the Kuldevi of Bikaner royal family. It is said that Mata Karni was born in a Baran family. It is said that after a time of marriage, he got bored of his worldly life, after which he devoted all his life to devotion and social service. Experts believe that Mata Karni lived for 151 years, and converted to Jyotirlinga. Rajasthan tour is the best tour  for india tourist.


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