How to Travel Around the World as a Full-Time Student

Have you ever had this feeling that you want to change something, escape from your surroundings and the harsh reality? It usually happens to people who devote their precious time to studying 24/7. No doubt, education is a blessing, because we have the opportunity to gain knowledge and grow. But studying can also be a struggle. 

Deadlines, burnout, and endless homework are the main reasons why students are stuck within 4 walls without a chance to unwind and refresh. If you want to get rid of the daily routine, going on a trip is the best option. But when you become a student, you don’t have much time to go abroad or even explore the nearby cities.

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When the homework is done, you can finally make time for yourself. Traveling is an amazing way to explore new things and shift the focus from stress to what lies ahead of you. But how can you combine studying with vacationing? Read this article to find out! Here’s how you can discover the world while being a full-time student.

Don’t Let Finances Hold You Back 

Going on a trip while being a student has its own nuances. The first and most important one is your budget. Unfortunately, education is not that cheap these days and some students simply can’t afford to go on a trip. But the situation is not hopeless!

Learn How To Manage Your Money Wisely

As you know money doesn’t grow on trees. In order to afford traveling, you need to learn how to prioritize spending. But being a student is not as bad as you might think. Each company or service understands what it is like to be on a budget. That’s why many businesses are willing to provide students with discounts and great deals. Here is a list of ways you can save money as a student:

  • Discount cards. When you become a student you get a university-issued student ID. This card allows you to visit various museums and landmarks around the world for free or at a discount.
  • Discount websites. Besides cards, you can subscribe to plenty of websites that offer discounts on travel, food, clothes, etc.
  • Travel websites. Nowadays there are a lot of travel services that are keen to offer students cheap travel deals. They provide you with a list of countries where you can go on a low budget and still have a great comfortable trip.
  • The choice of destination. In case you don’t want to turn to travel agencies, you can plan your trip on your own. You just need to surf the internet and find travel destinations that are affordable and will meet your preferences and expectations.
  • Cheap accommodation and tickets. Being on a budget means that you will not be provided with a business-class flight, luxury service, and a 5-star hotel. But no worries, you can find cozy accommodation and affordable tickets to any destination. It just takes you a couple of hours of searching and monitoring the tickets. 
  • Open up a savings account. If you can’t track how much money you spend, you can just put some money into the account with no deposit savings account and without touching the funds. Each month you can add the same amount of money, and thus you will save some for the trip or use it to cover other needs. 

Find A Job

If you are willing to travel the world while being a student, you need to make some money.

It means that it’s time to apply for a job. Likely, because of the pandemic, a lot of workplaces were created. Now you have a chance to get whatever job you want. 

You can become a travel blogger and combine both working and traveling and make time for studying. With the help of some tools, you can create exciting content to attract more followers thus making more money. 

Another option is to become a freelancer. Being a student means that you can’t have a full-time job. Thus, many people go for freelance because it’s flexible. In addition, there’s a vast choice of professions you can choose. Hence, you will never procrastinate as freelancing is always about learning something new and expanding your horizons.

Study Abroad

If you want to combine education and traveling, studying abroad is an incredible chance to fulfill this desire. Moving abroad is a great opportunity to discover the customs and traditions of other countries, get to know local inhabitants, learn their language and mentality. Besides this, you can make some international friends who can show you various places of interest of their native countries and with whom you can enjoy breathtaking views.

In addition, if you haven’t entered the world of studentship yet, studying abroad can be the first fascinating step to this world. Most universities provide you with various programs you can enroll in. This is a huge advantage because studying abroad exposes you to increased career opportunities. The only need to do is choose the degree which suits and benefits you more.

Intern Abroad

In case you are not a freshman and on your way to getting a degree, you can try to intern abroad. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone as you can travel around the world and study at the same time (plus get work experience).

Interning in a different country will provide you with the opportunity to discover not only new places but also different business cultures. It can also be your chance to get acquainted with some influential people and, who knows, maybe they will notice the potential in you and offer you a job in their country.

Some universities offer short study abroad programs you can enroll in and seize this opportunity to go overseas. But you need to find out if your university will cover all the expenses like your flight and accommodation.


Join Student Associations

Even the smallest universities provide such associations with money to cover the expenses, which makes it cheaper to go on a trip. If your association receives this funding, you can freely start a journey in a big circle of friends you can make while joining the student association. So making this step is a chance to both see the world and meet new people with whom you can share your interests, thoughts, worries, and of course, amazing views that are waiting for you during the trip.

Summing Up

If you feel like traveling is your passion and you can’t imagine your life without it, you need to go for it. We hope this article was useful for you and you will take into account all the information above. Remember that everything is possible so follow your heart and make your dreams come true!


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