How Can You Get A PCO License For Your Uber Vehicle?

PCO license is also known as private hire license for driving a private or pre-booked vehicle. PCO driving license allows you to drive a car or chauffeur. The validity duration of this license is three years and it is issued by TFL authority. You can do work as a private vehicle driver after getting this license. You can also do work as a uber driver through PCO driving license.

Eligibility Criteria for PCO licensing:

Age limitations are the top priority of PCO licensing for safe driving. You need to be at least twenty one years old for getting a PCO license for your vehicle. You also need to accomplish the examination test, English skills test and skills assessment test.

How can you apply for a PCO license?

Applying for a PCO driving license is difficult and complicated. But here are some simple steps to accomplish this target.

Firstly, you need to prove your character without any criminal record in the past years. No claim records in past years. You must complete the criminal database checking test.

Insurance documents of your vehicle:

Before driving a PCO vehicle you need to provide all evidence and documents related to insurance of your vehicle. In case you are running a fleet of vehicles. You can provide the documents of your Commercial Fleet Insurance policy covers. It is necessary for ensuring the safety of drivers and clients in case of any mishap or accident.

Completion of application form:

Fulfill the requirements of application form for PCO licensing according to the TFL authority. You can also go for online signup or apply on paper.

Cost of PCO licensing:

PCO licensing cost varies according to the value of your business or your vehicle. However, the licensing assessment test involves some medical tests for examinations that are costly than others.

Policy for PCO license renewal:

It only takes a few weeks for proceeding the PCO licensing application. But if you are waiting for more than three months than you are not illegible for PCO licensing.

Training requirements for driving a uber car: 

Join the uber exposure test before applying as a uber driver. This test involves the following things:

Exposure of drivers from routes and maps.

Guidelines about the application procedure for PCO license. Benefits of driving a PCO licensed uber car: Now these days, uber takes the place of local taxi and black cabs. The main advantage of driving a uber car is that this provides the flexible hours for working with the freedom of time and movement. You can earn more money by driving a uber car even in extra hours.

There are no time restrictions while driving a uber car. Because there is no fix working hours for driving. The application of uber is easy to use and you can get just in one tap. There is a complete support system for drivers’ guidelines. You can easily register as a uber driver after getting a PCO license.

Vehicle requirements for uber car:

Before applying as a uber driver, check the condition and value of your vehicle for getting more benefits. Try to fulfill and accomplish the standards required for uber vehicle and driver. Your is not older more than five years and in a good condition. It can accommodate four or five persons at a time.


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