Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Travelling in a Campervan

Campervans are the perfect way to go around places like Europe, Australia, North America and New Zealand, especially for people who are visiting for the first time. You can not only save a lot of money on the overall accommodation side of things but also enjoy the freedom and adrenaline that you can experience on the road, open for you to travel far away from the urban population.

In case you’re new to the concept of campervan, then you’ve arrived at the right place because without proper knowledge you’ll not be able to know the ins and outs of such New Zealand campervan hire services.

Tips And Tricks When Planning To Travel In A Campervan

1. Try To Be Minimal

The first and foremost rule of travelling in a campervan is to be always organised in what you pack your belongings. Your space will be limited, which means you need to include the utmost essential things that you’ll require on your journey.

Always try to keep your belongings to an absolute minimum inside the van and keep the crucial things such as wash kits, mobile phone chargers or even can openers near your reach. The following are some of the necessary belongings that you can include with your trip:

  • Torches
  • Towels
  • Medicines and First Aid Kit, in case of emergencies
  • Good music which is fit for travelling
  • Some good movies on your iPad or even laptop
  • Lots of water bottles
  • East-to-eat snacks such as noodles and potato chips
  • Beverages such as tea or coffee
  • Dust bins or even bin bags
  • Liquid for washing the dishes
  • Soaps, toilet paper and sanitary handwashes

2. Storage For Food

While this may come as an afterthought, it’s indeed one of the smartest investments you can make before planning to travel inside a campervan. You can easily get some sealed, air-tight plastic containers for storing and securely keeping your food. Such containers not only keep your food fresh but also prevent any insects or bugs trying to munch upon your snacks – thereby leading to food poisoning.

The best way to go about this plan is to buy the containers when you’ll be buying your food ingredients for the journey. This will help you know the kind of containers you require for the job. You can head over to your nearest supermarket and get these products. Also, keep some aluminium foils beside you as well – as they help in keeping the food warm.

3. Research For Camping Sites

Wild camping is allowed in various parts of the world, which means that you can easily take advantage of such a journey by reserving or booking a camping site beforehand. This will not only help you enjoy throughout your journey but also meet new people at the camping sites – thereby sharing stories and getting to know the place a lot better.

You can even learn a thing or two about the principles or survival in this modern world.

4. Take Up Measures For Temperatures

Such measures will depend upon the time you’re planning to travel inside a campervan. If the time of the season is summer, then you need to ensure that you select a campervan with an in-built air-conditioning system along with maybe a small-sized refrigerator for keeping all your beverages and soft drinks.

On the other hand, if the travel period is around months of the winter season, then you need to make arrangements for hot beverages and also warm rugs & blankets. Moreover, packing in winter clothes is also a must as well.


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