Bhutan Tour Packages Are All About Beautiful Sceneries & Positive Vibes!

Recently, Bhutan has bagged its position in the bucket list of explorers due to its kaleidoscope sceneries that leave everyone in awe. ‘The Land of Thunderbolt’ is also the happiest place recorded on the earth which is why more and more people want to explore it. There are monasteries, trekking spots, rivers, and valleys that collectively enhance the beauty of Bhutan. If anyone is looking forward to a trip to this place then Bhutan tour packages are the best to consider to explore all the relevant tourist attractions as well as activities.

5 Places To Visit In Bhutan

From monasteries to lakes, here are hand-picked places that must form a part of your Bhutan itinerary. Exploring these places is the best way to take a plunge in the rich culture of Bhutan.

1. Punakha Dzong

Bhutan tour packages remain incomplete without Punakha Dzong in the list as it is the most-visited place here. Nestled at an elevation of 1,200 m, it is the second-largest dzong in Bhutan that is visited by a number of tourists every year. The place has also got historical significance as the first national assembly was held at the same place in the year 1953 and it now houses national treasures of the country.

2. Tiger’s Nest

Next on the list of top places to explore in Bhutan is Tiger’s Nest which is also known as Taktsang Monastery. The construction of this place can be dated back to the year 1692. It is located at an altitude of 3,120 meters which is why you savor the best views from up top. As the temple complex hangs to a cliff, the place can be reached after a long trek. But the views after this challenging trek are worth witnessing, so it is a must-visit place in Bhutan.

3. Buddha Dordenma

Considered as a haven for photographers, Buddha Dordenma is 169 feet tall which is home to around 1,25,000 smaller figurines of Buddha. Several Buddhists head to this place as it had a sacred place in their hearts. If anyone is looking for a peaceful place in Bhutan then they must consider visiting Buddha Dordenma which is one of the top tourist places in Bhutan.

4. National Museum

Not only this place set in the most beautiful place ever but also gives a chance to dig in the history and culture of Bhutan. There is no doubt here that this museum is a paradise for history buffs and nature enthusiasts. Located in the Paro District, each floor of this museum houses different kinds of collections. But the showstopper is an egg that is kept in the museum. Apart from this, the museum also showcases several paintings, ritual objects, jewelry, scrolls, and arms that will take your breath away.

5. Dagala Thousand Lakes

If you want the best views of Bhutan then you cannot miss out on the famous Dagala Thousand Lakes. The place is blessed with a surreal beauty and to see this one has to opt for a trek that starts from the Paro Valley. The trek further takes you to Thimphu, Genekha, Gur, Pankha, Talakha, and then back to Thimphu. It might be a long trek but it is worth as you get to savor some amazing views. So, it must form a part of Bhutan tour packages to make it complete.

There is no way that Bhutan is going to disappoint you as it is rich in beauty, full of positive aura with several places to explore. If Bhutan is still not a part of your travel list then you might want to reconsider. There are hundreds of tourist attractions as well as activities that form a part of Bhutan tour packages so make sure that you tick off Bhutan this year.


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