Best Whale Watching Tours in Kauai, HI

You have heard the stories about kayakers off the Kauai, HI paddling up to whales and humpbacks and binocular-clad tourists watching orca pods — Now it is a great opportunity to go Kauai whale watching for yourself. Regardless of whether you are travelling in a group or alone, Whale watching is an experience that you should not miss. The few things you will come across are mentioned as under:

You may see whales, but you will surely see dolphins. 

Many a times the whale watching tours guarantee that you will spot whale amid your journey and will be the best whale watching Kauai. They don’t, generally share what kind of experience it will be. You may be able to spot a couple of cloudy puffs or you could wind up face-to-blowhole with a gigantic marine warm-blooded creature in a superb, life asserting experience. However, the best is to keep your desires grounded—those striking photographs of whales are generally of humpbacks, and they are seen once in a while in the late spring. All things considered, you will see dolphins, some of the time hundreds or thousands of dolphins hopping close by your vessel, just as a couple of bottlenose dolphins and, in the winter, Pacific white-sided dolphins are common.

  • Wrap up and shed layers.

Expect that it will be somewhere around 10 degrees cooler and somewhat windier on vast water. Obviously, local people are resilient to the temperature, but you should dress as though it will be 10 degrees colder. Then again, the majority of that intelligent water can make things a bit toasty in the late spring, so dress in layers and shield yourself from the sun with whatever can’t go over the edge.

Early isn’t really better—except if you get nauseous.

Winds will in general pick up towards the evening, so the sea waters are somewhat more-quiet in the first part of the day. On the off chance that the prospect of a few hours on a wavering boat makes you all nauseated, think about taking an early voyage. With respect to discovering whales in the best whale watching Kauai, one time of day isn’t really superior to another.

  • It is about the migrations.

While you regret your drive over the slope, whales are caught up with swimming, Kauai island puts you in close steady stream of whale migration amid the winter. You can also hope to see grown-up whales traveling south in January, and after that back north in mid-March to April with calves close by.

  • Conclusion

Whale watching is an enthralling experience which you really should not miss. This is a great opportunity to come close to the nature.


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