It is widely known now that the pandemic and the chaos which was created due to the coronavirus aka COVID-19 is coming to an end and it does not come as a huge surprise. It mainly happens thanks to the realization of  the people of every country to take precautions and the gradual rise of the temperature in the northern hemisphere which goes against the virus will.

Thus, it seems that the first travelers are already starting planning their next vacation and booking their first boat and plane tickets as well as their hotel rooms after quite a while to be honest. Well, if we are all on the same “boat”, then we should consider some summer destinations before spring finishes. So, if you ask me, Athens is the best possible choice for this time of year. Let’s see then in more detail where we can visit and what to do in Athens, Greece.


If you have never been in Greece, then that is for sure the first place to go. But why is it recommended by so many vacationers and travel guides? Isn’t it another dull and demanding hike up a hill? Well, no it isn’t! It is true that it is pretty exhausting but if you choose a cloudy day and have some water with you, you will be just fine. Apart from that, the ticket is not that pricey and you will definitely not regret every penny you may spend on purchasing it or some souvenirs along the way. The site is located right next to the center of the city so you cannot miss it and you will be able to return to it for some shopping right after your visit. 

What is more, climbing up the holy hill you will have the unique chance to overlook the magnificent capital of Greece. Trust me, no hotel or restaurant can offer you such breathtaking views that you will remember for a long time. But the best is to come upon arriving on the actual site. The solidity and the sophistication of the structure is about to leave you speechless leaving you wondering how on earth ancient Greeks carried those huge stones and created such a marvelous conception as the Acropolis. In general, you should trust a tour guide so as to get and learn the most out of that unique involvement. 


If you love good food (who doesn’t?), then that is the place for you. After a day out in the bustling downtown you can visit the area of Pagrati and more specifically Spondi Restaurant. That is the place which employs some of the best chefs all around the country and an extraordinary culinary experience is more than guaranteed! They mainly occupy with French and European cuisine but there are plenty of vegan choices as well as gluten-free dishes. As a result, there is something for every taste. 

The place is open every day from 8pm to 11.45pm and that is for a good reason. At night the place is like a dream coming true full of romanticism and a sense of luxury that would not be appropriately depicted under daylight. Upon arriving there you will instantly love the place. It is housed in a neoclassical building that has the ability to travel you to the Golden Age of Athens thanks to its architecture and atmosphere. It goes without saying that the staff is top of the top in terms of kindness and service. Of course, we are talking here about a restaurant that has won two Michelin stars and was voted as the best Greek restaurant for 12 consecutive years. It has also won many more national and international honors. To make a long story short, you will love all dishes starting from the appetizers and the cheese and ending up with the desserts or the wine.

I know that I have selected only two experiences for you in Athens but there are of course many more choices. However, to my mind these two places are not to be missed and you had better start your bookings sooner than later!


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