Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace Cabin

We are at the  in Hodgenville, Kentucky.  Here they have the original log cabin (symbol) that Abraham Lincoln was born in. In 1808, Thomas and Nancy Lincoln bought and settled on Sinking Spring Farm. Months later on February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born there in a one-room log cabin.  They lived there only 2 years before there was the ever so common dispute over land and bills of sale and they were forced to move a few miles down the road. The cabin was dismantled before 1865 and a Mr. Dennett bought the land and used some of the log cabin’s timbers in the construction of his house. Somewhere around 1900 the Lincoln Farm Association bought the cabin as pictured in the old photo below and reconstructed it. They couldn’t get the parts to fit as they were from 3 different cabins. They had by 1909 constructed a massive building on the original cabin site to house the cabin and the cabin didn’t fit so they cut four feet off the end and one foot off of the side.  Now the cabin sits inside the regal structure that was made to house and protect it. Further studies show that little if any of the structure is original so it is termed a “Symbol” of Lincoln’s cabin.  It is still fun to see and go to.


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