7 Steps on How to Book Kimberley Tours by Charter North

Preliminary Step

Before you begin your seven-step process of booking a tour with Charter North, you should know that Charter North is available 24 hours a day to answer any preliminary questions you have. The website offers a wealth of information about travel arrangements, food served on the tours, places where those on the journey will be staying, as well as other FAQs. If you still have questions by the end of reading all of the information on their website, you can contact them directly by phone, by email or by contact form.

Step 1

Before you can book a Kimberley Tours by Charter North, you need to become familiar with the various tours they offer. Charter North offers both public and private tours in the regions of Kimberly, Kakadu, and Karinji. Your first step is important and gives you and your group to decide what tour you would like to book. It is best that you choose your first, second, and third choice in case your first and second choices are booked. Also, Charter North recommends that you begin your booking process at least ten months in advance since it is a multi-step process, but Charter North is always available to answer questions at each step.

Step 2

Fill out the Contact form. Once your group has decided upon which tour you are interested in, then you can go to the contact form. The contact form allows you to give your preferred tour selections by filling out their contact form. The form is concise and only requires twelve pieces of information to fill out. The form shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes to fill and send.




Where you are from?

Preferred Travel Dates?

Number of passengers (drop down menu)


I’m Interested in(drop down menu)

Message (added information)

How you found Charter North? (drop down menu)

Any other point for their consideration.

Submit the form and give Charter North at 48 hours to verify your choices are available and what dates are open.

Step 3

Once you have submitted the form to Charter North will complete its research into what dates are available for what tours and respond to you.

Step 4

After you receive a confirmation reply from Charter North, all you need to do is confirm you are still interested in the tours you selected. If things have changed, all you need to do is update your selections and re-send the contact form.

Step 5

Once you confirm your choices of the tour then Charter North will send you their booking form to complete and send back. The turnaround time may take 24-48 hours depending upon what time zone separate you from Charter North Offices. You are now very close to getting a confirmation for your selected tours.

Step 6:

Once you have sent back the booking form, you will need to follow up with a 30% deposit payment at least 90 days before the tour date departure. Charter North allows several forms of payment like credit card or bank transfer. If you are paying through an international banking system, your payment confirmation may take as long as 24-48 to be processed and posted to Charter North. If you need clarification, do not hesitate to the tour office.

Step 7

One payment has been received Charter North will send an invoice in response to the payment to confirm the beginning dates of your tour. After your confirmation of payment has been received, you and your tour group can begin preparing for your Kimberly Tour. Now that you have seen the seven steps of preparing to book Kimberly Tours through Charter North, you have all the information you need to follow thru on looking at all the tour possibilities and enjoying the Australian outback country through Charter North. If you have already planned your transportation to and from the Charter North, you can begin now that your tour has been officially confirmed. Contacting Charter North is always near.


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