5 Things You Should Do Before Immigrating to Canada

We all know that Canada is a safe and beautiful country with a lucrative economy for immigrants. The Canadian government has also taken several measures to welcome people and their families into the different provinces of Canada. If you have decided to move to Canada, then it is going to be full of excitement and possibilities. However, there are countless things that you should be aware of while moving to Canada to avoid hassles later.

Even after this, one of the biggest mistakes that many immigrants make is leaving their country unprepared. They leave behind essential documents needed to settle down with ease in Canada. For instance, they forget to buy insurance to cover them and their precious belongings during travel. There are so many other things like this one. So, to help you make your transition as smooth as possible, we have come up with this post. Just check out the essential ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ you must know before moving to Canada or you can connect with a professional Canada immigration consultant for the same:

  1. Provide Proper Certificates and Credentials While Applying for Canada Immigration

Canadian immigration laws are quite favorable for immigrants. So, presenting fake credentials and certificates can bring serious problems for you and might result in fine/jail/deportation if you are found culpable. In addition to this, you may also encounter some complications when you apply for higher studies or jobs in Canada and even lose your Permanent Residency (PR) in the country.

  • Contact Immigration Consultant to Apply for PR Once You Become Eligible

The government of Canada gives many benefits to its permanent residents (Canadian citizenship is different, so do not get confused with the term). These benefits include insurance cover, healthcare facilities, freedom to move anywhere within Canada, and so on. To get these benefits, you must consult with a professional and apply for Canada PR as soon as you become eligible. Many professionals assist their clients for a PR visa and handhold them during the entire process.

  • Plan Properly for ‘After Immigration’ Phase

Immigrating to any new place can be daunting. While you can get support for documentation from one of the best and reliable Canada immigration consultants, the entire process and career planning in the country, you need to find out the basic things such as your accommodations, food supplies, financials, and logistics to get through the initial steps of setting up in Canada. For this, you can start with a social insurance number as soon as possible and if you already have any medical condition or ailment, then it is good to buy 3-4 months of prescribed medicines in advance so that your treatment does not affect until you get your health insurance.

  • Ensure that You Are Familiar with the Local Language

To successfully and smoothly immigrate to Canada, your English proficiency is a crucial criterion. You must have a CLB 6 or more to be eligible for the same. This is to make sure that you have the required skills to survive in Canada. This skill is also important to apply for higher studies or a job in the country. So, you must focus on your English language skills if you are planning to immigrate to Canada.

  • Keep all Your Documents Handy While Applying for Canadian Work Permit

You can seek the help of a professional immigration consultant to get end-to-end support. However, you must keep all the relevant documents ready needed for the work permit paperwork. Failure to provide even a single document from the checklist may lead to unnecessary delays in permit issuance. So, it is good to be ready with the pertinent documents well in advance.

Closing Remarks

When you are done with packing and counting down the hours left, it is a good idea to check everything again and think about what to do after reaching Canada. When you are ready and have a strong plan in mind for your settlement, you can enjoy your time even more in Canada.


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