5 Things To Do In Sikkim For a Wholesome Vacation

Sikkim is every nature lover must visit place in India when it comes to their bucket list. From the enraging valleys to the beautiful and mystic views around, this is nothing short of heaven on Earth. The snow clad Himalayas along with the sweet behavior of the locals make this an amazing place to plan a vacation to. To execute everything successfully, it is very important that one has their itinerary sorted. It is thus best to plan ahead and know about the things that you can do while you are in Sikkim.

In here, we are going to be discussing why opting for the exciting Sikkim holiday packages are good when it comes to planning the things you can do in there.

  1. Seek peace in the monasteries

Sikkim has spread around with a plethora of monasteries and their unmatched beauty is something that does leave everyone awestruck. As mentioned before, there are plenty of similar monasteries, but it is always best suggested to tick off the popular ones first. Some of the must-visit monasteries around in Sikkim include Rumtek, Pemayangtse Gompa and even Enchey. They are not just beautiful when it comes to the exterior and interior, the ambiance and preaching in the place is something that leaves you with a sense of peace in your mind.

  1. Indulge in some adventure

You might not realize this, but adventure sports are quite abundant when it comes to Sikkim. Teesta river is where all the major water adventure sports are conducted and the same is enough to take your breath away. The ferocious gushing of the water is perfect to peak your adrenaline rush in the body, that you just can’t decipher. For river rafting, the optimal time is during the month of December. There are a number of other adventure sports as well on the banks of Teesta that you can indulge in. Owing to the rush, it is best suggested to make the bookings beforehand.

  1. Go paragliding

Many people are scared of heights and if you are one, this is not the one for you (unless you are trying to conquer your fears). If you are looking around for an excuse to spend a good time around in Sikkim, paragliding is actually a good enough option. The thrill that the act of jumping into the void brings in is something out of this world. The Annual Sikkim Paragliding festival, which is held during the months of October-November, is the best time to explore this option.

  1. Go thrifting

Sikkim is filled with a number of small markets that make up for the beauty of the place even further. The best thing to do there is to indulge in the handicraft. Not only are they made intricately but the finish and uniqueness of them ensure that every product is one of a kind. From feng shui items to decorative pieces for your house, the options are endless. Don’t bargain unreasonably because of the fact that every single one of the handicraft workers put in their blood and sweat into making them.

  1. Indulge in the delectable cuisine

Last but not the least thing to do is to indulge in the delectable cuisine around the place. When it comes to food, the Northeastern states in India never disappoint and Sikkim is definitely one of them as well. Sisnoo, fermented soyabean chutney and the gundruk ka jhol is definitely some of the delicacies that one can afford missing out on.

While in Sikkim, try and tick off all of these activities without fail if you want an eventful, fun as well as thrilling vacation.


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