5 Handy Portugal Travel Tips & Advice

If you’ve never been to Portugal, you’re certainly in for an exciting and gorgeous experience. If you’ve done some research on this country and know a little bit about what to expect, you’ll know that it’s a friendly and stunning place filled with several great things to see and do. Knowing a little bit about the local customs will help you feel more confident, making packing easier and help you save money on things like accommodation, eating out, transport and activities. 

Consider an Organized Tour:

Tours to Portgual are an ideal option for those who want to see the most of this amazing country. There are tons of different tours to choose from whether you would like to stick to the beach areas of Portugal or explore the vibrant cities like Lisbon and Porto, or even try a little bit of everything. You can find customized tours that you can design to make sure that your trip is everything you hoped it would be. 

Avoid Peak Months:

If possible, it’s worth booking your trip to avoid the hottest, busiest, and most expensive months of the season which usually fall in July and August. Traveling to Portugal off-season is the best way to find better deals, fewer crowds, and amazing weather most of the time. May, June, and September tend to be quieter months where you can still enjoy great weather. Although there is usually more rain from October to April, it is possible to enjoy the lovely weather in Portugal at any time of the year. 

Check Travel Times:

If you are planning on visiting more than one region during your trip to Portugal, it’s worth taking your time to thoroughly explore one area before coming back to see another compared to spending half your vacation traveling in between different destinations. You can get a train Lisbon-Porto in just a few hours if you want to explore both of these amazing cities during your trip, or a flight from Porto to Faro if you want a combination of both a city and a beach experience. 

Get a Tourist Card:

There are several Portuguese destinations that offer a tourist card like the Porto Card or Lisbon Card. Getting one of these cards means that you can enjoy free or discounted public transport during your trip and enjoy a range of discounts on other vacation expenses like accommodation and activities. 

Keep Some Cash On You:

While most places in Portugal accept credit and debit cards, it’s worth keeping some cash on you as many smaller businesses including some restaurants will only accept cash payments. If you land in Portugal without any Euros you can withdraw them directly from any Multibanco ATM from your bank account. Bear in mind that you will usually be charged for each transaction when paying with credit or debit card so it’s worth being aware of how much extra you’ll pay for each purchase. 

Portugal is a hugely popular vacation destination with a wide variety of things to see and do. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your trip to Portugal is a good one. 


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