Why WooCommerce Is Best Platform For B2B Wholesale

WooCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce platforms for B2C and B2B businesses. While just being a plugin, it can create a whole new ecosystem on the WordPress website.

Businesses are changing their suppliers for a retail-like experience that they get on Amazon. With WooCommerce, wholesalers can provide them with a similar experience.

How can WooCommerce be the best platform for a wholesale website? Well, this article will try to answer this question by different points.

1. It Is Popular

In today`s day and age being on the top position is not easy, but WooCommerce takes the lead by providing superior quality and functionality. Due to its popularity and massive user-base, it gets updated regularly, and it can easily set-up through countless articles and blogs available online. Although for more advanced settings, you can hire a developer.

The other features it comes with are:

Massive Ecosystem

As WooCommerce is growing, many developers are creating specific services and products to enhance the platform. Whether its maintenance services, optimization or SEO tools WooCommerce has it all. It even comes with customizable themes and layouts for different types of eCommerce stores, which can be useful for a wholesale store.

Standardized and Robust

With any software, you will experience bugs and discovering a bug for the first time can be an issue as revolving it will take time. But in WooCommerce, thousands of users are using the same feature, so they have discovered different bugs and have reported them. So many of the issues are already taken care of. This feature might not be available on smaller platforms.

Expert Technical Support

A problem with smaller platforms is that they can become obsolete or you will struggle to find developers to help you with the website. This can never happen with WooCommerce as the market is full of several specialists that can provide support, and there are different online resources like videos and blogs available. WooCommerce is a global industry that can provide you with extensive support and various ways to help you out with any sort of problem.

2. WooCommerce is a Fully-Featured eCommerce Plugin.

Many people have the misconception that free software does not have good features or quality, but WooCommerce certainly proves that notion wrong. WooCommerce is a full-fledged plugin, and with the addition of different extensions, it can create a good wholesale website as well as Amazon.

Some of the things that WooCommerce will provide for a B2B Wholesale website are:

  • You can add as many products as you like
  • Organization of product into categories and sub-categories are available.
  • Different payment options are available, whether they are online like PayPal or Debit/Credit card, or offline like cheques or COD.
  • Different tax settings are available for different product or countries.
  • You can add different B2B buyers as users through Roles and Permission.
  • Buyers can come to you to inquire about prices and features about a certain product through a quote request.
  • Buyers can easily quick order without going through different loops.
  • You can easily get reports of analytics and different statistics of your wholesale website.
  • Assign different shipping and postage costs for different areas.

WooCommerce might be free, but it comes with every feature for a wholesale website that a paid platform can provide.

3. It Can Be Expanded

WooCommerce can easily be expanded through different extensions or add-ons, which will enhance the functionality of your website. Some of them are just for WooCommerce Wholesale websites. They can work with both B2B and B2C websites.

The extensions which are good to add are:

Retailer Friendly Layout:

WooCommerce comes with different layouts that you can use for your Wholesale website. A good product table will help in making the store more B2B friendly. A compact layout will help the buyer to not be overwhelmed and purchase different products easily and quickly.

Hide Your Wholesale Store

With the competition in the retail market, you might want to keep your prices confidential from other B2B websites. You can easily add an extension or plugin which is password protected that can hide the prices of your store from B2C buyers. Some plugins come with the feature that can hide your whole store.

Increase the Conversion Rate

There are many WooCommerce extensions that can help you in increasing the conversion rates of your Wholesale website. Referral System, quick order, etc. are some examples of those extensions which will help you change your visitors into customers by providing them with different incentives.

4. It Will Grows With Your Business

It is good to consider both long and short-term needs with your business. As your website grows, you also need to change the platform because a smaller platform will simply not be able to handle thousands of customers at one time. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is flexible. It is easy to rebrand, change themes, or add unlimited products in your WooCommerce B2B website. And with a WooCommerce recommended hosting it can easily handle millions of customers without lagging or breaking down.


There are many studies that will further explain and persuade you to use WooCommerce as your Wholesale eCommerce website. With its many features and functions, WooCommerce will take care of all your needs.


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