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Why Mobile App Developers Choose iOS first, then Android?

iOS, one of the most popular OS in the world, is greatly loved. This is because iOS app development gives app developers with a number of benefits. And these unmatched benefits allow businesses that are expanding mobile enterprise apps to streamline their entire application development process. Besides businesses seeking to develop apps on the iOS platform, iOS app developers everywhere also want to learn Objective C & Swift, so as to be able to work with the iOS platform.

Developing the UI and UX for iOS is relatively easy because there are only two types of devices you have to build for, iPad and iPhone/iPod. With Android, you end up having to build for many smartphones, from many different vendors, (Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, etc.) not to mention severe OS fragmentation across all of those smartphones. It makes QA a horrible in Android, hence the problem in getting the UI/UX right. So this the reason why most of the companies prefer to hire iPhone app developer over hiring an Android developer for app development

Apple has its own strict rules and regulation in its iOS world. In some cases like app testing, these strict rules have proven to be an added perk for the developers. In order to pass an app from testing, developers have to go through a number of conditions which actually figure out issues from apps making it able to go ahead for an app store.

In addition to this, iPhone app development is considered a beneficial as every developed app for the iOS platform has to meet the App Store Review Guidelines. These guidelines are there so that a notably buggy, or malicious application is not made accessible to the public.

Furthermore, efficient iPhone app development can really help in boosting the sales, as well as the growth of an industry, as iPad & iPhone users are a technologically advanced group with a bigger purchasing power. In addition to iPhone users being more expected to spend on the apps, these users account for a notable proportion of the population of countries like the U.K. and the U.S.

Being used by millions of users around the world, iPads & iPhones are remarkably popular. iPhone app development offers businesses an opportunity to reach a broader audience. What’s also great about iOS app development is that safety is not taken lightly even in the smallest. By engaging in iPhone app development, the app, as well as the smartphone will be protected from malicious threats, as the iPhone platform provides a powerful shield against malware, viruses, and more, so that sensitive, private, and personal remains protected and secure.

This excellent level of security that comes with iPhone app development is another reason why businesses prefer this platform to other ones like Windows and Android. Additionally, fragmentation becomes imaginary when it comes to iPhone app development, which is why the apps build on the iPhone platform guarantee the best functionality.

With features that iOS 12 OS has brought, iPhone app development is even more favored. These include a developed, advanced, and more intelligent Siri, push notifications that allow the user to comment, like, and more, without actually opening the app.

Because developing an iPhone app has a number of perks this is the reason why iOS app development companies are looked up first by most of the businesses.


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