What Causes Internet Stuttering and How to Fix it?

The internet is indeed the most commonly used platform for all sorts of communication, data sharing, and flow of information. It consists of an array of smaller interconnected networks that form a wider network, allowing the world to communicate with one another. The truth is if we close our eyes for a moment, we cannot imagine a world without the internet. It is the availability of high speed and affordable packages like RCN internet plans that have made our lives so dependent on this invention, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when we not only needed a sound internet connection for entertainment purposes but also to earn a living. What we all aspire while investing in an internet plan is faster speed but due to the growing demand and resulting congestion, what we often come across is internet stuttering. 

Even if you have subscribed to a trustable internet service provider that ensures high-quality service, you might still fall victim to internet stuttering at times. But do not fret. Here we are with the best ways to fix it and get rid of the problem in the first place. So, without further ado, let’s get rolling:

What is Meant by Internet Stuttering?

Internet stuttering refers to the phenomenon where your internet speed might freeze, even for a second or two. It might recover after a while but the annoyance is real. But then you never know, stuttering may happen again. So, the disturbance caused can be a big annoyance. Internet stuttering disrupts the concept of smooth internet connectivity that we all deeply desire. Therefore, the issue cannot be ignored. If you want to enjoy seamless internet connectivity, you must get rid of internet stuttering. 

What Causes Internet Stuttering?

If you are facing internet stuttering, the first thing you would want to know is what causes it. Several factors can be the reason for encountering an internet stutter: 

  • The router placement might not be very suitable. The router can be placed at a faraway position, next to a wall or a window, or in the path of other wireless devices.
  • Your internet plan might be lagging to cope with the connectivity needs of your house. So, you might want to consider upgrading to a high-tier plan. 
  • Your modem might have not been rebooted for a while. 
  • Your internet provider might not be very reliable and steady when it comes to offering seamless connectivity. 
  • Too many applications running in the background can also be a cause of internet stuttering.
  • If you have an old router, it might not be able to bear the load and its malfunctioning can be the reason for a rough internet connectivity experience. 
  • Your system can be exposed to any malware. An infected system would experience lagging speeds. 

If none of the above-mentioned factors is the case with your internet connection, yet you are facing frequent stuttering issues, then there could be a problem at your provider’s end. For instance, satellite internet users can experience internet stuttering issues during a thunderstorm or any extreme weather condition. 

Whatsoever is the cause, let us proceed to how we can tackle the internet stuttering to avoid any annoyance. 

How to Fix Internet Stuttering?

There is no rocket science when dealing with internet stuttering. Sometimes, something as trivial as rebooting your modem can fix the issue and restore smoother internet connectivity. Here are the best ways to get rid of internet stuttering:

  • Repositioning your Router

Check your router’s position. It might be wrongly placed, so it is time to reposition it to a more central, elevated, and open place. This can instantly boost your internet speed. Do not place your router inside a cupboard or on the floor.  

  • Run a Speed Test

It is recommended to make use of any reliable online speed test tool and run a speed test to be aware of the internet speeds you are experiencing. Monitoring your internet speed can help you keep track of any stutters and measure the speeds you are receiving from your provider against the plan you have subscribed to. 

  • Upgrade Your Internet Plan

If you notice that your current bandwidth speed is not sufficient for the household, then it is time to upgrade to a higher speed internet plan that fits your connectivity needs the best. 

  • Run an Antivirus Scan

You must have good quality anti-virus and security software installed on your device. Run a scan to be sure your system is protected and secure from any malware attacks. If there are any security threats, deal with them so that your system is not infected. 

  • Close Background Applications

If any unnecessary background applications are hogging your bandwidth, take care of them. Closing them will enhance your internet speed and reduce any lags. 

Wrapping Up

Internet stuttering can be a complete nuisance and disturb your daily online routine. The aforementioned tips can help you resolve any stutters and lags. However, if these hacks do not seem to work, it is time to get in touch with your providers and inform them about the situation for some quick resolution.


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