What are the advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting for the Business website?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The name “Dedicated Server” itself tells you that the server is dedicated to one single business website¸ i.e. organization. With dedicated hosting your server is not shared with any other website, the resources are used only with the dedicated server owner.

What are the advantages of Dedicated Server?

1) Unlimited Bandwidth – With the dedicated server hosting packages you get unlimited bandwidth. With bandwidth website visitors can access your website content, images etc.Website with heavy traffic should have unlimited bandwidth to manage website traffic. If your website doesn’t have enough of bandwidth, there is high possibility of losing customers who are willing to interact with your website.

2) Unlimited Disk space – Disk Space means the amountof space available on the server to access website content, images, files, databases, video on the website. It’s very important to host your website the dedicated server with best web hosting company.With the disk space you can update and store your website images, content, files with the disk space. Sowith dedicated hosting you can make changes on the website this willalso help to attract new customersand increase the sales on the website.

3) Uptime Guarantee – It is very crucial to be business website always in working stateall the time. You should make sure that the visitors can access your websiteany time anywhere. Always host your website to dedicated server where technical support provides 24X7 support with guaranteed uptime.

4) Security – Most of the dedicated server hosting providers offers free SSL certificate with the hosting package. 24X7 technical support take quick action on security attacks. They also do firewall setup, install antivirus and do all the configurationsfor server security.

5) 24X7 Technical Support – Hosting provider allocated dedicated technical support team for our dedicated server. They make sure your site should be always up under any circumstances and try to keep disruption is kept as minimum as possible.

Difference betweenShared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting

The main difference between shared and dedicated  hosting is shared resources. With shared hosting multiple organizations/websites are hostedon one single server. Bandwidth and disk space is limited with the shared hosting package. Shared hosting is very cheaper compared to dedicated server, so it is preferable if you have heavy traffic on your website then only purchase dedicated server. Website speed isslow if you host it on sharedserver, as the single server resources are shared with multiple website.

Whether to go with shared hosting or dedicated hosting its totally your decision according to website traffic, security and support. Website with heavy traffic should buy dedicated server for best performance and better results. Buy the hosting packages from best and cheap web hosting provider.



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