Underwater terminator robots save coral rocks

Coral Reef (rocky rocks) are counted in the living world throughout the world and here, countless sea animal live and grow. Now a special type of robot has been developed to save these coral rocks.

Ranger robot are being tested in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, being the protector of pearls rock, his biggest enemy eliminates the Crown of thorn Star Fish. ¬†Crown of thorn star fish are commonly part of the rocks.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) report released in 2015, the fast coral is destroying around the world. The 40% role in this is Crown of Thorn Starfish, that is why the endangered robots of this terrible fish have been named Terminator , whose new model is jointly developed by Queensland University, Google and the Great Berry Reef Foundation.

The coil-controlled terminator identifies Star fish to 99% accuracy. After that, it special arm enters the salt soluble in the fish, which fishes in 48 hours. After charging once, the robot works under water for the next 8 hours, which is three times higher than human capacity.

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