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Understanding Shills – Part 14

Writing sites which seek to rip off their users often implement a system of  ‘pending’ earnings.

This  is done by NOT posting current earnings but having  a long period of  ‘pending’  while the earnings are being ‘calculated’.

Users would not know how much money they made.

Unlike  the ‘penny pinch’   where yesterday you had more money than today in  your account,  the new method left users uncertain how much they had earned.

This  method did not merely shut up the complaining users, but made hiring and paying a Shill unnecessary.

Firstly,  no one could know, for a fact how much they actually earned.

The  site juggled the value of a view, a comment, an item, every day, so  the average user could not know how much was owed.

Hence,  unlike a site like Triond which paid 1c per 6 views, (this is the  ancient days when getting 10k views on an item was nothing to brag  about as some writers got 2M views a month) where you could glance at an article,  see it had 6k views and know that you’ve just made $60,  the new sites don’t admit how much for a view, a comment, etc.

Secondly, and most beneficial to owners of writing sites,  is the population of fools who will defend a site they don’t own with every drop of their blood, for free.

No longer does an Owner have to actually hire people to defend his site.   The Owner doesn’t even have to ask users for help.

No matter how much an Owner manipulates earnings, no matter how much he steals,  there will always been the volunteer shills who will defend him and the site; for FREE.


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