Top-Rated Shopify Apps to Enhance Your eStore’s Customer Service

eCommerce industry is always reasoned as a blessing from the stance of a customer. It immediately benefits customers while being redemptive in their travel time. Along with, it cuts down on retailers’ expenses involved in managing physical storefronts. If you are an online retailer, you need to understand your customer at every single step of buying process. A customer generally looks for:

  • a prompt response
  • quick action on queries
  • easy access to product or service information
  • conversational eCommerce
  • accountability
  • affirmative approach to their concerns & issues faced

Starting from visiting your websites to receiving the parcel, a customer faces one or another kind of burden. It calls for a good customer support service that can ease their load and make it more seamless process. This is also helpful for you to build trust among them and credibility of your own brand.

So many online buyers are willing to pay more for your product if they get a great customer service on your web store.

Customer service should be taken as a proactive approach rather than reactive”

It should start from the day 1 when a visitor comes to your website and navigate through various web pages. You can opt for chatbots or showing them offers. Moreover, you can offer them a great product navigation. It will ease their work to a great extent.

How Shopify Web Development Meets the Expectations?

Shopify is an open-source eCommerce platform. It has maintained its excellence among so many merchants since its inception. Every custom Shopify development allows you:

– to run your business effectively

– keep your customers engaged in your sales portal.

A hundred of retailers get the benefits of this powerful platform by opting to recruit Shopify expert for its successful implementation. Shopify holds a great framework that you can use to evaluate every aspect of customer service. The most commonly done mistake by some retailers is not understanding your customers’ needs. At one point or another, there comes a gap between your audience and your services. And, you should always strive to close such gaps.

If you are also finding such gaps, you need to dive deeper and look for the discrepancies in your web store or consulting some leading Shopify service providers may be a viable option. Every reputed Shopify development company has years of experience and relation with it often end up in profits. In case you are technically savvy, you can opt for the following Shopify apps to enhance customer service on your web store.

  1. Zendesk

Being used by some leading eCommerce companies, Zendesk has become a customer service leader in Shopify App marketplace. Its integration with your Shopify web stores helps you to achieve the following:

  • Process customer service tickets faster
  • Offers quick and easy access to your customers with your support team
  • An ability to customize essential order information showing in Zendesk support

Overall, Zendesk helps you to build better customer relationships. It benefits you from the scalability aspect as well.

2. Facebook Chat

Facebook chat by Beeketing is free of cost Shopify App that helps your customers to reach you via social network chat of Facebook. It offers them a more personal chat platform to deal with you. The history of such conversation via this app is saved in customer’s chat windows to easily access it again at any point of time.

  • Live chat via Facebook messenger
  • An effective & convenient communication channel
  • Increase customer satisfaction level as they feel more comfortable in social network

An integration of this Shopify App on your eStore shall definitely help you to bring more conversions.

3. Easy Contact Form

It is a free of cost tool that facilitates you to create a customized contact form. No coding knowledge is required.

4. Return Magic

This Shopify app helps you to:

  • An easy returns flow
  • Auto-magically build your own branded channel
  • Supports over 50 carriers globally
  • 3PI integrations, translations, analytics etc. for extra support.

5. Help Center

This app helps your customers with FAQs and shows the way to find solutions for every problem they face. In general, it helps to reduce your support team rime by up to 30 percent. It’s key features include:

  • Build an attractive & intellectual FAQs page
  • Offers an instant help to the customers.

All these Shopify apps together shall lead you to the way of great customer experience. Though, I would recommend you to first analyze the key points where you are lagging behind in customer-service then opt for any Shopify App.


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Written by Randip Dhiman

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