Top iPhone X Features

Sharpest Display

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iPhone X comes with OLED display with 2 millions pixels. That means good reading, impressive playback video, fun to play games and many more. This phone screen comes with edge to edge so we get  better viewing angle.


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Apple developed such as a great features in term of animoji. In old iPhone if we want to send emotion or love emoji to friends first we need to find it in emoji section but Apple developed new “Animoji” that allow you to create short clips of your own emotions and send them off as emojis to friends and family.

Facial recognition

When you read this feature, first comes in your mind that if someone made professionally mask of your face so you were wrong because this feature is more secure than finger print locks. Apple says its face unlock uses 3-D imagery so no anyone can unlock your phone.

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Written by Stany Mecwan


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