Top 5 WordPress Themes for Soaring Ad Revenue

When starting a website there are several things that you got planned for it one of them is monetizing it. Your website can earn you a substantial amount of passive income if you do everything right. Although there is plenty of ways to monetize your website, the most outstanding way to do it is to use ads. You can use AdSense to display adds on your website to get paid by advertisers. However, to do this you need to optimize things like ad placement, ad color & lots of other things. Fortunately, there are plenty of plugins and themes to help you with this task. In this article, we are going to explore 5 of these themes to see how they can help you soar ad revenue on your WordPress website.

Ways to Monetize your Website

Before delving into these themes, let’s first look at several ways to monetize your website.

Affiliate marketing 

Being one of the most popular ways to monetize your website, affiliate marketing involves promoting products from other companies for a commission. This is a good way to monetize your website if you are just starting and you don’t have your own products or services yet. In this case, you can reach out to affiliate networks and ask them to join. You will agree on the commission you are going by either referring to their products or selling them.


Placing ads on your website is also great to earn passive income on your website. However, this method will depend entirely on your website traffic. Most people think that you just need to start a website and add some pay-per-click (PPC) ads to get money, which is not true. To earn substantial passive income through ads your traffic has to be well over 50,000 to 100,000 visitors per day. This is not the best method to start with.

Email marketing

You can also use Email marketing as a powerful way to earn passive income. To succeed in this method you need to build your email list. This is a perfect method if you are promoting blog updates or if you are generating quality leads that can lead to conversion.

WordPress Themes for Soaring Ads

As much as there are dedicated premium WordPress themes that help in increasing AdSense revenue, you can always use any of these AdSense WordPress themes. The themes are designed particularly to get a higher CTR on your ads. This ensures that your content is generating the higher paying ads. They also come with strategic ad locations. There are also subtle optimizations to make your website more suitable for displaying ads. And with no further ado here are five best WordPress themes that are professionally optimized for soaring ads.

AdSense Theme by My Theme Shop

This is one of the latest & best AdSense WordPress themes to monetize your website using ads. This theme has many advanced features that are very unique.

One of the best features that you will like with this theme is the anti-ad blocker technique that shows a pop-up to any visitor who has an ad-blocker add-on installed. It then asks the user to disable their ad-blocker for your website. With the anti-ad-blocker feature, you can configure how an ad appears including the option to hide a single post’s content or showing a warning using a flyout. The theme has 8 stunning, pre-defined layouts used for a specific kind of niche blog. Some of the websites that you can use with this theme include:

  • Tech blog
  • Fashion blog
  • Food blog
  • Sports blog
  • Baby blog
  • Fitness blog
  • News blog
  • Online shopping blog

This is the best theme if you are a blogger looking for a WordPress theme to generate more revenue from AdSense.

Admania: an Ad friendly WordPress Theme

This is one of the most popular ad themes from Theme Forest with over 241 sales and an average rating of 5/5. It is also one of the most reliable ad-ready WordPress themes. It is the perfect choice for bloggers who want to earn passive income from their blogs with AdSense or any other contextual ad If you are faced with the challenge of adding ads on the homepage, this is the best theme for you. Admania allows you to use the live editor to place the ad on the homepage. It is perfect for adding ads between two posts on the homepage or the sidebar in seconds. It has 3 different layouts for customization of the homepage, especially in creating multiple blogs. Admania will give a unique identity to each of those blogs. An interesting feature is that it allows you to add ad codes without using a plugin. It also has a user-friendly ad panel that is also advanced. Besides this, it also provides a schema markup for SEO purposes. It has a fast loading speed and costs $44.

Truemag: AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine

Truemag has a strong focus on monetization and is an excellent WordPress theme with a complete AdSense optimization. What I love about this theme is the different advertisement areas are located in various strategic hotspots. These hotspots blend very well with the overall website design. You can post ads on the sidebar on the front page and several other strategic locations in the blog posts. The theme has in-built AdSense ad units that are completely responsive. It means that your ads will display in all sorts of screen sizes including mobile devices. The theme is also retina ready and it integrates well with Woo Commerce which means that you can also integrate with your online shop. The theme costs $59.

IsleMag Free WordPress Theme

This is one of the best ads themes for WordPress that makes it easier for bloggers to monetize their blogs. IsleMag was downloaded over 3000 times & is a popular AdSense friendly WordPress theme for magazine websites. It has a response that allows you to view your ads on any screen size. It has an in-built Carousel Slider for highlighting a specific post on your homepage. You will get notifications frequently to ensure compatibility with newer versions. It is the perfect free magazine style AdSense WordPress theme to soar your web revenue.

Grimag: AD Optimized Magazine

Editors and publishers will love this excellent WordPress magazine theme. Its developers have optimized it for maximum blog monetization. Grimag has advertisement locations placed strategically to match the overall design. The WordPress theme allows you to display attractive ads and earn a lot of profits from your content. One of its features that you will surely like is the fixed sidebar that allows you to easily display site-wide advertisements using the sidebar. The layout is totally responsive which allows you to capitalize on your mobile traffic. It is a retina-ready WordPress theme that can be translated into other supported languages. You can get this theme at $59.


I hope that this article has provided you with enough insights on WordPress themes that are used to monetize your website using ads. As a WordPress developer, here are many ways to monetize your themes and ads are one of them and installing these themes will make it easier for you to maximize the income brought in from your ads.


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Written by Naman Modi

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