Time to fly with a gorgeous facility with Uber for plane

Flying high in the sky is now as simple as hailing a taxi that too at a low price. As time goes on, technology brings some or the other thing which is really exciting just like on-demand service providers app. Now the technology has covered the next level. BlackBird is the next start-up just like Uber which will replace the word driving with flying. According to a report, BlackBird has invested $10 million led by New Enterprise Associates.

BlackBird air was launched in 2016. It is a flight-sharing company, which was established by Rudd Davis. The main objective of launching this app was to make people more comfortable with flying in the air at a more affordable rate. Blackbird has about 700 commercial pilots who serve more than 50 to 500 miles within California.

Blackbird worked on the strategy of Uber and has been ranked 124thnumber at Apple Store in the category of travel mobile app. moreover, according to similar Web’s report it has been currently rated at 149th rank.

While developing an app like Uber service for Plane, one should consider the following points which will surely help to boost their business-

A unique approach- There should be a unique approach before starting any business; the same applies to start a business for making your customers fly. Flight-hailing business should not only focus on making flights easier for its customers but should also work on the part of pricing.

Replace the word driving with Flying– Due to the start-ups related to flights, which really provides great services to their customers has knocked more opportunities for new people to enter this business. Now, this business will provide employment opportunities to pilots also.

There should be some options available for the flyers. Some of them are mentioned below-

Scheduled Flights:   One can schedule their flight according to their convenience; users can book their flight tickets for fixed routes with this option.

Carpool option- This is the best flight option for those who have low-budget. One has to simply look for a flight or for a date and time when no flight exists and can crowd source their own people.

Private pane- This option allows the flyer to charter a small plane for private service which is full of luxury and has a great comfort level. This option is quite expensive if we compare it with the other services.

Some key features which every plane service provider should have been mentioned below:

  • Helps to choose the destination
  • Select a plane
  • Select a pilot
  • Flexible payment options
  • Real-time tracking
  • Quick notifications

If you are planning to start your own business which can hit the market easily then you go with the option of developing app like Uber for Plane which provides great service to their customers and holds strong goodwill in the market. You can also choose any other option which is credible and reliable and fulfils all your requirements.


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