Tie your Shoes Laces with Smartphone

US Company NIKE has introduced automatic Lace shoes with the help of smartphone. These laces will fit themselves on shoes and it can be controlled with a smartphone. Automotive shoes with automatic laces technology were shown in the famous film ‘Back to Future 2’. However, Nike gave them the fact picture in the year 2016.

This latest version of the Nike has been names Nike Adapt. Which will cost $ 350 and no buttons will be needed to tie them up. Self-tieing laces were introduced by Live Streaming Platform Twitch.The creative Director of Innovation  Nike Eric Avivar says , ‘We intentionally chose the basketball for the first game for the Nike Adapt, because athletes’ shoes are very stressful in this game.

Users can customize these laces and control through a smartphone app, which will save it according to its preferences. The user will be able to make different settings in different moments of the game, In which it will open during timeout and can be tie up before the game starts.

When the player will wears the shoes, these laces will automatically adjust the situation with a motor and gear to understand the situation. The app will also save the data that can share with Nike from Athletes Network. These automatic lace shoes will be offered for sale from February.

Variable technology editor michael Says,  ‘People like automatic lace shoes are much more liked because they saw it in film back to futures 2. However, now these auto lace shoes are entering t the real world from the film world.

According to him, Nike says they are going to take this technology into other shoes, but I understand that it can be intriguing rather than it actually benefits.

Consultant Company  CCS Insight’s mobile analyst Benwood says, ‘For a long time we have predicted development in smart shoes. This is a logical place for technology but the real motto of shoe makers Nike is, that technology offers the ability to gain information and asses performance.


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