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There are a few reasons that make Yeti dominate the market of coolers, some of them are related to its quality, and the others are related to their marketing and image. Yeti invented the roto-molded cooler back in 2005, and the impact those coolers had was huge, all the other coolers available at that time were inferior in comparison. It was very sophisticated in comparison with other coolers, to the point that people liked to show off with it. The quality, design, and building material of Yeti products make it stand out. Some features like the 5 days ice retention, insulation, shock-proofing, and strong building materials, are what set Yeti from the competition years ago. Today, competitors are stronger than ever, offering a lot of great features for a lower price, yet Yeti never stopped innovating. We’ll be giving you a list of a few Yeti products that we believe one of them will be the best Yeti product this year.

YETI Hopper Flip Portable 

The Hopper Flip is one tough cooler. Some of the materials used in this cooler are also used in HazMat suits and rafts. It’s completely waterproof and resistant to almost any kind of physical punishment. Even though the material itself is very tough, it’s designed to be lightweight and easily carried. A lot of yeti cooler knockoffs are trying to balance this equation of toughness to weight ratio, among the best being the Pelican or the Orca coolers who had very similar features. When you need a cooler on-the-go or one that will fit into almost anything like kayaks or plane storage, the Yeti Hopper Flip comes in many suitable sizes. You’ll find suitable areas on the side to attach your accessories too.

Yeti Tundra 45

This cooler is larger than the Hopper Flip model; it can hold 26 average cans of beer with a 35-pound ice capacity. It’s known for its superb thermal insulation, in addition to its robust design. Tundra 45 can withstand up to 1500 pounds of bear punishment; it’s almost impossible for a bear to crack open this chest. It comes with a dry goods basket that can separate food from getting in direct contact with ice, which allows the storage of food for days without it getting damaged. Tundra 45 weighs around 23 pounds, which could be considered heavier than average, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your trips.

Yeti Rambler

This one isn’t exactly a big tough cooler; it’s actually a bottle. And not just any bottle. This baby is vacuum-insulated and double-walled. The Yeti rambler is very serious about keeping the temperature of the fluid inside as it is, if it’s hot it remains hot, if it’s cold then it’s cold, for a good while. The materials used provide excellent insulation and ergonomics, but they make it weigh a bit more than you’d think at 1.2 pounds. Nothing can match the Rambler at keeping a beer bubbly and fresh for a long time.

The Yeti For You!

Before you take out a cooler with you, it’s recommended to test some features at your home first. You want to know, for example, what’s the amount of ice that can make carrying a cooler possible without hurting your shoulders. Whatever you settle on, rest assured that the quality of a Yeti product is unmatched anywhere.


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