Ten Apps You Should Download For a More Effective Smartphone

Our lives have changed ever since the inception of smartphones. Think about the last time you didn’t reach out for your smartphone for every little thing. Whether it be to watch videos, play games, use the calculator and find directions, somehow smartphones are always the first tool we think of.

If you too are heavily dependent on smartphones, you are not alone. There are approximately 1.54 billion smartphone users in the world. Most of us can’t imagine our lives without one. But, have you ever thought what makes a smartphone effective? Why has it become so crucial in our lives? What makes a smartphone “smart” is the app it contains. There were 178.1 billion apps downloaded in 2017. The sheer number of apps you rely on showcases that the attractiveness of the device doesn’t come from the phone itself but what it allows you to do.

Do you wish to make your smartphone experience more useful? Here are ten apps you must download.

AirG Chat

Peruse AirG reviews, and you will realize that the company has succeeded in satisfying the needs of various smartphone users. One of its value-adding apps is the AirG Chat. This instant messaging app allows you to stay connected with your friends and family at all times. Moreover, since it supports over 1000 types of devices, there is a high probability that it will support your smartphone as well. The basic purpose of a mobile phone is communication. Let AirG deliver this service to you, and your smartphone will become more effective.

Sleep cycle

Sometimes your phone’s built-in alarm is not good enough. Think about it. Have you ever woken up to your alarm with your head feeling heavy? This typically occurs when you are suddenly woken up during a deep slumber. Sleep Cycle is a free iOS and Android app that makes sure you don’t feel drowsy when your alarm goes off. How? Well, it tracks your sleep via movement and sound and wakes you up during your light sleep phase near your allotted alarm time.


Your smartphone shouldn’t just be a tool to stay connected with the world. It should also help you in staying fit. This is why downloading quality health apps is imperative to boosting your smartphone experience. This is where MyFitnessPal comes in. This app is available on iOS, Windows and Android operating systems. The app works by logging in the calories you consume. It allows lets you set daily goals about your fitness plan. This simple app makes sure you keep track of your fitness and follow through with your goals.

Dark Sky

If you live in a huge town, a pre-installed weather app may not be the most accurate weather forecaster. This might occur if the weather on different parts of the city differs. For you, apps like Dark Sky will be perfect. This premium app uses your location to deliver accurate predictions about the weather near you. In case of impending snow or rain, it provides warnings to ensure that you are ready to face the weather.

Duolingo: Learn Languages

Do you love traveling? If so, your smartphone can act as the perfect aid for you, if you accompany it with the right app. What is one of the biggest challenges of traveling to foreign lands? Understanding the language! Duo lingo is the ideal solution for it. This language-learning app offers easy-to-follow lessons about learning a variety of languages ranging from Spanish to German. While you won’t become fluent in the said language, you will learn enough to get by.

Microsoft Translator

Let’s say you are terrible at learning new languages. Or you come across a customer who speaks a language that you aren’t familiar with. At such times, an app like Microsoft Translator can prove to be a life-saver. This app supports over fifty languages and is capable of translating phrases and words. Moreover, you can either read the translation or have it read out.


For all the bookworms and avid readers out there, can your smartphone indeed be useful if it doesn’t fuel your love for books? Well, Goodreads is an app that every avid reader needs. Goodreads is a well-known platform about bookworms. This app allows you to find reviews about books you are buying via scanning the barcode. This makes sure you make the right decision each time you go to buy a new book to devour on.

 SwiftKey Keyboard

Are you tired of your smartphone keyboard making the same auto-correct errors as the day you bought it? Well, while your built-in keyboard might not be a quick learner, SwiftKey surely is. This app replaces your built-in keyboard and instead delivers a much better typing experience. This is because it learns the way you write, thereby allowing for better auto-correction.


Even though in most cases built-in Google and Apple maps tend to get the job done, Waze still manages to be great navigation to have as a backup. After all, it is common for apps to crash and you wouldn’t want to be left clueless about directions. Along with offering routes, Waze is an iOS and Android navigation app that lets you plan your journeys according to the traffic situation.


Do you want to manage your projects even when you are on the go? If so, you need a project management app like Trello. This platform breaks down tasks into cards and boards and allows you to assign different cards to different employees. You can then add due dates and track the progress of the project regardless of where you are.


Various other apps make a smartphone more effective. However, there are only so many apps you can download before you run out of memory. Begin with downloading these apps, if you feel that they will be beneficial to you.

Realize the full potential of your smartphone by equipping it with the right applications.


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