Telecommunications in Singapore

The telecommunication sector is made up of corporations that make communication possible on a global scale. These companies use various technologies to transmit information through cables or airwaves, the internet or phone, through wires, or wirelessly. With this infrastructure, data in voice, words, video, or audio can be sent anywhere in the world. With advancements in technology, traditional technologies like wireline televisions, radio, and telephones that once dominated the telecommunication universe are no more. New internet technology and wireless mobiles have quickly become the new norm.

Telecommunications in Singapore

Most homes in Singapore have computers and internet access. Thus, the telecommunication development level in Singapore is high. Currently, the country is considered a telecommunication hub internationally. It is an achievement driven by Singapore’s view that high-quality telecommunication is one of the critical factors that will support its economic growth.

Best Telecommunication Company in Singapore

M1 Company, a Singapore-based corporation, has been evolving and transforming the world with advanced technology solutions. It has earned plenty of accolades. Since the incorporation of telecommunication, the industry has continued to rise and broadened with new inventions.

It offers fixed and mobile communication services and solutions to its customers. M1 is the best company with the most established, dynamic, and vibrant communications provider in the market.

Mobile Deals Singapore

For the best mobile phone offers and deals, M1 phones Singapore has your back. It has the latest Samsung phone promotions and offers. You are guaranteed to make significant savings with M1 as the prices available are cheaper than retail.

Samsung Phones Singapore

Get the latest Samsung phones for $0 upfront from M1. Here is a selection of a few 5G compatible Samsung Galaxy phones handsets:

• Galaxy S21 Series 5G

• GalaxyNote20 Series

• Galaxy S20 Series

• Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

• Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Watch Drama on Viu

With these latest Samsung galaxy smartphones, you do not need to worry about watching drama on Viu. With Viu premium, you will never miss the hype anymore. At M1 If you are a first-time Viu subscriber, you are guaranteed to enjoy a one-month free Viu premium subscription with any fiber broadband plan.

Subscribe to Viu premium to enjoy unlimited downloads and access to your favorites. Catch up with the latest releases with Priority viewing while enjoying the convenience of charging your subscription directly to your monthly M1 bill.

Broadband Singapore

M1 is the best internet service provider in Singapore, offering incredible speeds at the best value. Everything you need from running a busy home office to uninterrupted gaming sessions, M1 has wireless internet plans that offer unlimited access to broadband speeds.

In addition, you are also free to select any of our fantastic broadband add-ons when you sign up for the M1 fiber broadband plan. An example of the add-ons is the security suite, which protects your smart devices from online threats.

Always be glad to know that there are no data use limitations or bandwidth caps with M1 fiber broadband plans. We have the cheapest Wi-Fi plans in Singapore.


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