Tableau – Your Saviour in Post Lockdown Business Growth

So we are done with the lockdown thing after more than 3 months of quarantined times. The situation has been way too difficult and we have to fight it together. But, the worst is yet to come as we reopen post lockdown. With limited budget, resources and volumes of data silos, the situation won’t be the same as it used to be earlier. Leaders need to learn the new ways to better manage the data and business functions to be able to cope up with the economical loss.

Are you prepared with the strategies and plans on how to go about it? Yes, you need to prepare for both, the safety of your employees and safety of your data that hasn’t been managed since the last three months.

If you are still under the impression that switching to digital means is just a nice to have thing, then you may end up adding to losses rather than making profits. It is high time now that you realize what business analytics software like Tableau can do for your business and help you embark upon the journey of success even in the trying times.

Let’s read more about it and understand the same in detail:

What is Tableau Business Analytics Software?

Tableau, well known among leaders for its unique capabilities in transforming unorganized data into meaningful insights is one of the best selling products in the market today. It has a creative dashboard and inbuilt-connectors to make your data analysis practices even more refined and simplified.

Not just this, at the times of power cut, or when you need to take up some other task urgently, it allows you keep the ongoing project on hold and resume once you are ready. This is one of the most significant features that not all business analytics software possess.

Also, the relationship feature in Tableau helps you list the data as per their respective tables. That means, you need to spend hours in organizing the data as per their respective tables, the software will do that all by itself.

How much does a Tableau license cost?

Tableau pricing depends on the licenses you buy and apart from that, there’s literally no hidden cost for connectors, or any other add-on. Tableau has in-build connectors so as to seamlessly upload data from the other devices.

Tableau has three types of licenses:

  1. Creator License – for preparing analytical reports out of raw data
  2. Explorer license – to carry out the further analysis and dig out the conclusion from the same
  3. Viewer license – for making the final decision based on the analysis.

The cost is different for Tableau server licenses and tableau online licenses. However, if you are a startup or small to mid-sized business, you may opt for just the Creator license and can scale up the package as the business and the number of users grows.


So, yes! This is a necessity in the trying times and probably the only solution that could bring your success and growth back post lockdown losses.


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