Seagate Data Recovery: Failure Types on Seagate External Hard Drive and How to Recover Them

Through the proper steps and rightest software, Seagate data recovery can be done easily. however, the recovery process can be completed if the losing file is due to logic errors. But, what you should do if the external hard drive is physically damaged? Can the data stored be recovered?

Failure Types of the External Hard Drive of Seagate

Aside from the tragic errors, physical damages can also contribute to the data loss of the external hard drive. Here are the types of failure commonly found on the Seagate external hard drive.

  1. Rotational Difficulties

Most of the time, the head movement sound of Seagate external hard drive comes along with motor squeaky. In addition, there is also a blue screen that also appears on the display of the device. If this is the problem, the logical option you can take is opening the device to replace the disc magnet motor with the new one. Just be careful in opening the hard drive to avoid further damage to the device.

  1. Failed Circuit Board

The next common failure type occurs on the external hard drive of Seagate is the failed circuit board. This problem causes the device to stop rotating. In addition, the system of the hard drive can’t also be started successfully. To solve the problem, you need to repair the circuit board, In most cases, the users also need to replace the circuit board with the new one. Make sure that you do the process under the guidance of a professional since it needs the skill to do that.

  1. Slow Loading Process

Seagate file recovery is also needed if your external hard drive starts to show frequent slow loading process. This also causes only a few of the partitions that can be detected by the system. This commonly happens if there is a bad sector is identified on the drive. This can be a result of some factors include the aging head, end of service life, and a slight fall. If you face the slow loading process problem, you can use a reliable data recovery software or image file to help you get your important files back. Another option you can take is using a special tool to help you shield the bad sectors. This method will be very useful to prolong the service life of the external hard drive temporarily.

  1. Hard Drive Making Noise

If you hear strange sounds in your external hard drive, you can draw a conclusion that the device is physically damaged. The noise is commonly caused by the magnetic head that is stuck. It can be caused by unexpected disk fall or insufficient power supply. You can open the device and reset it to fix the problem.

How to Avoid Data Loss

You need to keep in mind that all hard drives that you can find in the market now basically are risky. Thus, this is very important for you to always have a backup plan in case you lost your important data. Though it is possible for you to get your Seagate external hard drive recovery, taking a prevention action is the best choice. The best way to avoid data loss is by creating a backup and keep the data updated. You need to remember that the time interval of the making backup is not too long each time. You might think that resetting the external hard drive can help the Seagate recovery. But, this is very hard to find out the way to restore the device to the factory settings. This is how recovery software will work best for you. Recoverit is the best service provider of hard drive recovery software you can find out there. The software offered can perform to retrieve all types of files such as photos, videos, and documents easily.


Internal system error is not the only reason why you lost your important data from your Seagate external hard drive. With the rightest Seagate recovery software, the data loss can be retrieved if the logical error is the reason behind the problem and Recoverit is the most recommended software to choose. However, the losing data caused by physical damages occurred on the device usually need different treatment. You need to find out the reason for the physical damages so you can find the best method to solve the problem.

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