Running Truck Tire as Washing Machine

Iran’s two students have an interesting innovation under the Industrial Project Design, under which a running truck tire can be converted into an effective washing machine. Both students claim that the truck tire washing machine have ability to wash the most dirty clothes.

The innovation has been named as C Mile and it is suitable for trucks that take a long distance. Through this those who drive truck daily, they can wash their clothes themselves. Like in the world truck drivers in Iran also stay away from homes for several days and for a weeks.In which their clothes are shattered.

Most truck drivers have said that they stay at any place and wash clothes, due to which time waste and some time very clean water become polluted.

In order to solve the problem of the drivers, the University of Tehran student Massoud Sassani and Mohammad Ghassimi have made this important innovation under the industrial design since there is big space in truck tire inside rim.

In Cmile, a washing tub is planted in that empty space in truck tire rim and a strong cover over it can be closed and there is a structure like a washing machine is installed. In this way the first dirty clothes are kept in the blank tub, then the water and the soap is added to the machine through nozzle. After that the truck keeps moving and the washing tub rotates like a washing machine. This machine can also wash dirtiest clothes as well.

The two students have presented their inventions in the show-grade Global Show in Dubai,and it is expected that it will be considered entitled to a reward in the category of sustainable development. The washing machine is expected to get more money for commercial preparation.

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