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Locks provide security for belongings. Faults on locks happen unexpectedly. Self-locking or losing your key is common. Lock replacement is probably an emergency service. Most times you need a lock repaired instantly. For first time service this can be a challenge. A locksmith is important but your security comes first. Confirm the authenticity of a locksmith upon arrival. Phone call conversation is not enough certainty. At this point professionalism of the locksmith is uncertain. The following are key tips to check out for.

  • Local address

In case it is at night you won’t be sure who to call. Having a locksmith who resides on your area is advisable. Avoid locksmith who have their offices miles away. After phone conversation you should enquire of their office location. Even after the lock gets fixed knowing the company physical address is important in case you lose something.

  • The process

In such emergency you want to avoid unnecessary cost. Ask on the method they will use to repair the lock. Anything about drilling as a first option may show inexperience. Emergency key service Atlanta should be available for high security locks. Drilling should be a last option only for high end locks. A professional locksmith should easily open all types of locks.

  • Business Ratings

Positive and negative comments express the competency of the company. Take time and check social pages. At night website testimonials are not better since you have no time. Confirm if the company also lists on other websites of professional locksmiths.

  • License

Locks being a matter of security, license from security organization are a must. The company should be a member and active in the state security organization. Look through the locksmith license and confirm validity. Identity cards should be a must upon arrival at the site. Locksmith service should be done by licensed company.

  • Price

A price quotation should be provided while on phone conversation. The locksmith should also quote a price close to the actual price. In case of additional costs you can decline the services for a better deal. Below average pricing may sound good but is a sign of fake documentation, lack of insurance cover and low quality service.

Car key service Atlanta is among the delicate service locksmith offers. A professional locksmith should confirm ownership of car before starting any procedure. Any service provider that prioritizes money above security should raise your eyebrows. Home rekey Atlanta GA service provider should have tools and documentation on arrival. A good locksmith should identify themselves upon arrival. Security is important so ensure the company work in hand with a state security organization.

  • Insurance

Insurance is a key factor especially when handling car and home locks. Although you are hiring professional accidents happen. When they do someone must be accountable. A reliable company should have in place general liability insurance. In case of home locks changing a window may injure the contractor. The contractors should also have an insurance cover. Ensure at all times you are dealing with licensed and insured contractors. Subcontractors are good at dodging some essential licenses which may cost you more. Work with fully-employed contractors who would not like to mess up with a hand that feeds them. As much as you save on cost, ensure you get professional service.


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