Netflix Videos, Sharing possible in Instagram story

The good news for the popular Photos Sharing app Instagram users is that they can now share their favorite features in Netflix Videos, Instagram Story.

According to  technology website, company announced that Movies and TV shows on netflix can be shared directly on Instagram story. Feature to share Netflix videos on Instagram story is provided only for IOSs or iPhone users. The option to share videos on Instagram stores in the Networks app will be available in the Share Menu, where other apps’ options will be available. As soon as a user shares Netflix videos on an Instagram story, it will be indicated by the same video or poster of the same video as they are watching.

When sharing Netflix videos on Instagram story, the user can use all the features that make it for common story like  GIF stickers, and filters. Since it’s being shared directly with the Netflix story, user’s friends can easily watch Netflix movies or TV shows with them. Currently, this feature is for iPhone users only, however the company has shown that soon it will be available to Android users too.

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