Morning Research

Monday, May 28, 2018

Research continues on Memorial Day! I woke up early, ate a large vegan cookie and a cup of Butter Coffee, before toggling between phone and internet research to look for the Product Key for Microsoft Office that was preinstalled in my computer when I bought it, along with Windows 7, but after I had to do system recovery, I cannot enter Microsoft Office 2010 anymore. I went to activation, and it stated that I bought this Microsoft Office edition, but I still need to key in the Product Key, in which I cannot find. Actually, I don’t know where I put any paperwork belonging to my ASUS computer. I need to look for it around my office area because that is where I usually put such paperwork. It might show up or it might not, but I probably should consider buying a new and current version anyway, although I will have to use the new card method. You cannot buy software via CD anymore. You have to use a card and then go on the internet to download it. It is all a part of the N.W.O. agenda because they are eliminating more and more things and money until eventually this card will turn into a microchip in your hand. This is really sickening! I called the Best Buy store and they told me to contact Microsoft online. When I contacted Microsoft, they told me to contact the manufacturer. I spend all morning in live chats on different internet sites. And, finally, Microsoft told me to contact the store where I bought my computer. My other option is to buy a new Product Key. I might as well buy the current version, but I need to research on the internet to see if it is worth it.

At 12:35 pm, I decided to go to Frys Electronics store. I had taken some snapshots of my Panasonic cordless phone with fax/copier as well as my brother’s Dell laptop so I would know what I needed to look for in plugins. The store was huge. A man showed me a Dell charger, but it looked like it was for new models because the plugging end didn’t look like it would fit any of the holes at the side of my laptop. I asked about a charger for my Panasonic fax/copier, and I got that this store doesn’t sell Panasonic products. But the store was designed interesting, like a dungeon and dragons castle. I was inside Electronics Disneyland.

While driving back home, I noticed it was hot outside. I am sure many people went to the beach or maybe picnic at their local park. I probably should have gone to the cemetery but I wasn’t in a morbid mood.

When I arrived home, I received a letter from Cox Communications about changing into the new phone system in order to stay connected and avoid loss of service. (I have a feeling that might be the reason my cordless phone/fax/copier stopped working. I swear Cox is always the problem to my electronics issues, which includes the computer and cable TV. Plus, I think this is another indication of the N.W.O. agenda to change people’s “old” ways to a “new world” ways. It is getting more obvious as more strange things occur daily in society). I am afraid that if I don’t change the phone into the new way then nothing will work in my house.


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