Listen – Gold is in your pocket

If we say that you have a golden ear in your pocket, would you believe? Actually it’s just 100 % true. Not only in mobile phones, all electronic devices have a high amount of gold and silver. About one ton of metallic metal is required to extract three to four grams of gold. However, a ton of devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops can be extracted about 350 grams of gold from the electronic crude.

Gold and silver are being extracted from old and used devices for preparing Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics sports organizers have decided, that they will prepare these sports medals, means medals from electronic crude . Approximately 5000 medals are to be prepared for this opportunity. means Medals will be prepared from electronic crude for the world’s most important sports.

The Olympics administrators have appealed to the people of Japan to donate them electronic items crude for this purpose. This project started in April last year and So far 16.5kg gold and 1800 kg silver has been extract from the crude.

According to the United Nations report, only 20 percent of electronic items are recycle successfully, and People keep forgetting the electronics items at home or throw them somewhere.

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