Learn the 5 Tricks for Designing a Website that Improves Conversions

The process of website design is constantly changing to be able to compete with the changing consumer and visitor expectations. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can aid in improving the ranking of pages, it does not necessarily ensure conversions for businesses. Therefore, efficient website designs are vital to driving conversions and ensuring a profitable business. It should come as no surprise that designers in London and around the world are continually innovating and experimenting in the area to produce a reliable designing methodology which produces effective results.

We have compiled a list of the top five tricks to help you create an effective website which drives traffic and conversions.

Use Visual Hierarchy to Keep Visitors Engaged:

Visual hierarchy involves the arrangement of visual elements on a webpage along with the determination of their size, colour, and contrast. Through these principles, web designers define the relative prominence of visual elements on a page and the order in which the human eye sees them. Visual hierarchy is used to draw visitors’ attention to the important elements of the website. Leveraging visual hierarchy, designers can guide visitors’ through a series of messages before delivering a crisp call to action for improving customer conversion rate.

Use a Descriptive Headline Built Around Popular Keywords on Website Homepage:

Using a keyword-based descriptive headline on the homepage is essential to highlight the purpose or service offerings of a business. A descriptive headline offers visitors an answer to the fundamental question of whether or not the services, products, or information they are looking for is offered on the website. Designers often use vague catchphrases as a means to instil interest. However, vague and clever messages fail to outline the website’s purpose clearly. Additionally, the descriptive and keyword-based headline should be positioned high up on the page and should be the first thing that captures a users’ attention when they visit the website.

Use Faces to Guide Visitors to Information:

Using pictures of people’s faces as visual cues is an effective way to direct the visitors’ attention to important information. The principal uses the “you look where they look” phenomenon according to which people tend to look at the exact spot on the webpage where the face is looking. Thus, a line of sight in a facial image can be used as a directional cue to make visitors focus on information such as benefits and call to actions.

Use Short and Crisp Paragraphs to Deliver Information:

With visitor concentration span decreasing with time, website designers need to ensure that the content of the website complements its structure. It is suggested that only three to four lines make up a paragraph with none of them using more than 12 words. This makes content easy to understand and consume eliminating the difficulty encountered when reading long, blocky, and verbose paragraphs.

Use Simple Words Instead of Jargons:

Using jargons in website content makes it difficult for readers to comprehend and consume it. However, using simple language to put a point across has proven extremely effective in drawing the attention of an extensive network of consumers with both lower and higher literacy. The use of jargons can often make visitors doubtful about themselves which largely deters the chances of them taking an action.

These are some of the basic principles to be kept in mind while designing a website. With businesses gradually realising the profit-making potential of effective website design, agencies offering services related to web designing in London, Birmingham, and other parts of the world is on a surge. Both old and new businesses investing heavily in web development in order to maintain a competitive edge. Demand for website designing in Birmingham and other cities is rapidly increasing as business and economy in the region continue to bolster.


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Written by Aiden Goh

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