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Optical mark reader is not a new concept and is being used from many years in different sectors. But with a revolution in the domain of technology, optical mark reader is no more a mere data entry technology.

Read these 5 points to understand exactly, what you need to know about OMR software solution.

OMR Software works on the ‘Law of reflection’ – POINT-1

The principle on which the functioning of optical mark recognition depends is called as the ‘Law of reflection’. This law states that “all reflected light obeys the relationship that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection”. This means that a lighter surface reflects more light in comparison to a darker surface. In accordance to this law, the sensors of OMR scanner identify the dark pencil marked areas on the OMR form because they reflect less to that of the areas that are unmarked. This job takes place with the integration of around 48 sensors to achieve complete accuracy. If the scanner processes a semi-filled form, it will detect it as an error or mark it as false, else the information is transformed to a computer data file.

Its accuracy is not just a myth. It’s proven to be 100% accurate – POINT-2

It has been reliably proven that an OMR software solution is actually the most robust method to achieve the data reading accuracy that can’t be matched even with the expert key-entry clerks, as it does not even stand a chance to transcription errors. So now you can be sure that the companies selling OMR software are not using the 100% accuracy slogan just for some market gimmick. It is indeed the most reliable method to extract data out of OMR sheets as almost all such software come with an inbuilt AI feature that detects faulty files and repeated questions with accuracy. And if you think that because of all the perfection that it renders so OMR software comes with a hefty price, then you are wrong.

OMR software price is not something that you need to worry about – POINT-3

Yes! These days market is full of different types of OMR software promising the best solutions that they can provide for your OMR based assessment and surveys. Some no doubt are expensive but also there are some OMR software that come at a highly affordable price and also have all the features that you require for designing, reading and evaluating the OMR sheets. So don’t go by the perception that it is expensive, a well thought market research will help you out with selecting the best OMR software at most pocket friendly price.

Some companies let you download OMR sheet checker software for free – POINT-4

If you are confused and don’t know if it will be fruitful for you to invest your money into something that might not be that worthy, then you get an option for free trial. Many companies provide this option in which you can get a free demo of the OMR software that they are providing. If you think that it is suitable for you then you can go for the option of OMR sheet checker software download, which gives you the chance to use the software along with its complete features for few specific days in which you can make your mind, if you want to purchase it or not.

Believe it or not, but using OMR software does create a huge positive difference to your manual grading and assessing techniques – POINT-5

Manual work is always bound to have some error whether noticed or not. By automating the same process with the application of OMR software you save a lot of time, manual energy and even minimize the chances of acquiring error throughout the process. OMR software is integrated with highly robust features that are designed in a way to render complete accuracy and efficiency. They are a multipurpose tool that can cover complete OMR based assessment related needs right from the designing the sheets to printing, scanning, evaluating and even categorizing the extracted data into proper computer data file.


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