Jamaica’s Entry into Cyberspace – part 3

Although  Jamaica got onto the Internet ‘late’ we came with our life degrees in computer science.   We knew how to get inside of a program.

I  recall my first venture.   I finally got my hands on a chess program. But it wouldn’t work until I had paid for it and entered some code.

I  was so vexed, so I went into the program, removed the instructions  which told the A.I. Not to permit use until the code was entered.

I  didn’t think it would really work, until it really worked.  I didn’t  play chess, I went around looking into various programs seeing what I could do to ‘improve’ them.

We   all shared the information, and some went into Technology full time, some added it to their portfolio.

The  point was, that we knew more about the tech than most people before we even got on the Internet.

By the time we drove into Cyberspace  we knew how to hack, were familiar with trolls, and had that gram of suspicion anyone on the Internet should hold for protection.


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