iPhone X or iPhone 8: Which one should you Buy?

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There are a most important factors you should consider, at least on paper, before you decide what to buy.

First price

There are $200 to $300 price different between iPhone 8 and iPhone X, iPhone 8 starts at $699 and iPhone 8 plus at $799 iPhone x starts at $999. if you’re on a tight budget you may want to go with the iPhone X.


If price is not your main concern, the next thing you should think about is size. iPhone 8 comes with 4.5 inch screen which is better to use with one hand, iPhone 8 plus comes with 5.5 inch screen and The iPhone X lands in between the two in terms of size and weight, but it has an even larger 5.8-inch screen. if you like to use bezel less design so you may want to go with the iPhone X.


All this three iPhones have Apple’s True Tone technology which adjusts the light of the screen to ambient lighting .the 8 and 8 Plus have HD Retina Displays and X has a Super Retina Display with more pixels per inch and also the first iPhone that uses OLED and HDR technology for its display.

Home Button

Apple removed physical home button in iPhone x, which means you will have to learn a new way of controlling your phone based on gestures.  if you’re attached to the physical home button, you may want to go with the 8 or 8 Plus.


What do you think?

Written by Stany Mecwan


  1. …if you’re on a tight budget you may want to go with the iPhone X.

    That sentence made no sense in your post. It should say “If you’re on a tight budget go for the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8+.