Importance of cross browser testing for business website

Cross browser testing as the name suggests refers to a practice wherein the web application is tested for different browsers, devices, operating systems and other screen resolutions for looking after their expectancies and standards. But we have to look for the reasons for the differences in responses by various browsers.

Every browser has a distinct contributing engine which refers to the fact that every browser has a different working strategy and respective rules. Such things create a difference in the reading and content display on each web browser. There are infinite methods for gaining experience on the web when you pair various devices and operating systems to web browsers.

LambdaTest is a website that executes cross-browser testing of all the business websites, be it hosted locally or publically and other web applications on more than 2000 smartphones and desktop browsers. The Lambda test also assists you in performing automated testing online. It also provides tools for debugging in very less time on both the browsers in mobile phones as well as in desktops.

It becomes a little tough to perform cross-browser testing using only one machine because in such a case, the result could be observed in a single configuration. Therefore, for performing cross-browser testing, there is a requirement of device lab in the house or any tool for cloud testing using a third party.

While working on a business website, two crucial aspects have to be considered: accessibility and affordability. In cases where you aren’t able to look for buying options or means of maintenance of hardware, then cross-browser testing is a wonderful way to gain access to numerous devices without managing the foundation.

So, now we know that cross-browser testing is a procedure for comparing a web application in terms of functioning and designs across different internet browsers and online platforms for ensuring accordant behavior and enhanced functioning on the part of the customer. Let us look at why the cross-browser testing is important for your business website. The practices that are best to consider while doing online business are mentioned below:

1.    It is helpful in balancing the activities

To set the appropriate balance between the automatic and manual testing, cross testing browsers is one of the best methods. The application which has undergone a testing procedure for the first time, manual testing is considered to be a better option for the same. On the other hand, automated testing allows increasing the testing speed and regulating the working and functionality of the web applications. You have to look for the best time to work on your web applications manually and compare it with when to do automate testing. It will be more productive and do more coverage for testing procedures.

2.    Select more appropriate options

Likewise good testing procedures, one of the most important results of strategic planning is profitable cross-browser testing. One essential aspect to consider before opting for cross-browser testing is to decide the different browsers used for testing purposes. By looking at the ways different customers are visiting the website, you can decide for viewing the methods of choosing customers for your website by using Google Analytics. For creating a comprehensive strategy for cross-browser testing, you have to look for the problematic configurations, new and famous layouts for the same.

3.    Smartphones are important

The ways through which the web application is working and the appearance of the web application gets affected by various devices that are used. You should consider different ways in which people go through your websites on their phones or other laptops or desktops. You must notice yourself this fact that every time you open a web application in multiple devices, it is altogether a different experience. It is more difficult to develop a web application which is meant for functioning in mobile phones which infers that the testing is required for such purposes. To gain a better experience regarding the experience of the users, you have to run your web application on different iPhones and other Android systems such as smartphones, tablets etc.

4.    Expect more realistically

You have to keep in mind that each browser is unique, therefore; it is unrealistic to make an expectation that your web application will appear same on all the different browsers. A major target of cross-browser testing is to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality standards on different browsers specifically those that incorporate a large number of users. It means that you, being the tester have to look for the bugs that influence the functioning and designing of your application. However, you should not expect that you will have identical experiences on different browsers, and hence, you have to do cross-browser testing by keeping in mind that each browser is considered otherwise, it may cause frustration in your mind.


The software quality plays a crucial role when there are high standards. For gaining trust and customer’s loyalty, you have to offer a usable and accessible web application. To enhance your position in the field of online business, you have to debug your web application for keeping yourself ahead in the competition. Therefore the bottom line is that the cross-browser testing is an essential step for the development of the business website and it should be carried out is the part of any internalized or externalized software testing.


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