Idiocrasy; Match the Pieces (5)

It seems logical,> Even if one had no more than a primary school education, but cognizant of reality, that most items, cheap items, are manufactured or imported from China.

It is visible in clothing shops,  at appliance dealers,  even in corner stores.   Things made in China are cheaper than things made in the United States.

An American made T.V. Say a 50” one, will cost $379.00.   A Chinese made T.V. Of 55” costs $95.00.  (tax and markup not included)

That  means, that if one doesn’t rush and grab that T.V.  made in China before the tariffs came in; well, okay… it’s ‘only’ 25% more, so one will will ‘only’ have to pay $123.75.  (tax and markup not included).

The rise in price doesn’t effect the Chinese.  It effects the American consumer.

And there are American consumers for Chinese goods.

When  China decided NOT to buy American soy beans, who did that hurt? Americans.  For there is no real market for soybeans in America.  The soybeans were grown to be sold to China.  When China ceased to buy American soy beans, it wasn’t an hour before they had contracts to buy them from Canada and Brazil.

Some soy bean farmers dumped their products, getting pennies  on the dollar.  Some sold to Jamaica, where they are used as chicken feed.  Considering how cheap the beans are,  the price of chicken in Jamaica has dropped.

However, it  will cost the U.S. 12 Billion dollars in subsidiaries to keep their soy farmers from going bankrupt.

Have the tariffs hurt China?  Nope.

As most Americans  are not particularly aware of reality, few appreciated that the only ones to suffer from these tariffs are Americans.

The information is available but Americans do not check it because they have been dumbed down to the extent that they don’t have the ability to consider verification.


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