Idiocracy – the ‘Arab Spring’

In 2011 came what is named the ‘Arab Spring’. All of a sudden, people from Morocco to Syria began to protest.

They suddenly appeared in the centre of town, suddenly be marching, chanting, without any warning.

Anyone who has ever participated in demonstrations in the 60s and 70s knows how much effort it takes to get people connected and create a march or rally.

Yet, in Egypt, for example, it happened ‘overnight’.

This is because all of those people in the Square had been summoned. All of them had been connected; whether by text on their phones, through Facebook or Twitter or another source.

Suddenly, their electronic masters ordered they assemble.

And they did.

This ability to create a protest to protest, to invent a movement, (all done, as is now revealed, to divert attention from the assassination of Osama Bin Laden)  was done electronically.

This is the control electronic devices have over human beings.


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