Idiocracy – Open your eyes

In 1937 the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ was  created.   Beyond use by security forces, the  technology did not advance into a proto cell phone.   It did not, for  people did not see the need for such an item.

Up until 1996 most people didn’t see the point of being constantly connected.   For those born in the 1940s, 1950s, even the 1960s, cherished their privacy, had no difficulty in being alone, and experienced reality.

By 1996 the result of dumbing down  had created helpless adult children who were afraid of being alone. Afraid of thinking for themselves.

Having the cell phone in their hand  they felt ‘safe’ as if mommy and daddy were there.

The cell phone has become the leash. To be disconnected, to have to talk to people who are visible is scary.

It is no surprise that these people would operate a car, and have a phone at their ear.  Walk a dangerous path, and not see where they are going.   For these people, the cell phone is their mommy and daddy holding their hand, for they are afraid to be ‘alone’.

Society has created people afraid of their own company.  People who can not be alone.   The helplessness of the population has been created.

It is remarkable to find people today who are autonomous.  People who can stand being alone for  being independent and complete in one’s self has been eroded by society which requires sheep.  Sheep need other sheep.   Sheep follow without question.  This is how they calmly walk into the slaughterhouse.

Human sheep are the same.  They can be told hydrogenated vegetable oil is good for them, that fast food is healthy, and without question consume.  They don’t check, they don’t think, they obey.

That Trump could have said he had more people at his inauguration than Obama is proof of this.  For in the 60s, 70s, no one would dare such a blatant lie.

But in the 60s and 70s were thinking people,  Observant, aware people. People who left sleep for wakefulness, unlike in the 2000s where people reside in a stupor.


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