Idiocracy – Ninety Eighty Four – Required Reading

When one  begins to read  Nineteen Eighty Four (1984), written in 1949,  one marvels at how prescient George Orwell was.

The story takes place in a province of ‘Oceania’. This empire  is ruled  by The Party which employs the Thought Police to persecute  individualism and independent thought.

People are monitored by television screens, everything they do is captured.  Information is manipulated.  What was true last week may not be true this week.  One is to accept what the Party claims is true, and not disagree.

The  Alternative Facts of January 2017 play directly into the mentality created by Orwell’s state. Despite the photographs of Trump’s inauguration,  despite the evidence, he can maintain that he had more people.

He can say one thing in a meeting with Vladimir Putin, another the following day, then proceed on a different path.

What was true yesterday may be subject to rewriting today, and the attempt of those in the media to keep a record of what was said and replay it has enflamed the wrath of the Leader.

In the novel, Winston Smith worked for the Ministry of Truth.  His job was to change past information to match today’s story.   When rations were lowered this week, he was to claim they had been increased, and go back over the information to ‘find and replace’  what does not conform to what is said today.

Those who have read Nineteen Eighty Four may have been astounded by how closely the current American situation matches that envisioned by George Orwell in 1949.

Of course, to read that book requires intellect.   As most people  born after 1970 have been dumbed down on a increasing level,  they would find it difficult to read anything beyond what was, in the 1950s, written for a fourth grade audience.

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