Idiocracy – Modified News

There was a time that the BBC World Service was a paradigm for how to answer an exam question at University Level.

The BBC, which dispensed full news broadcasts through out the day, would begin on the hour and half hour with a ‘preview’ of the stories they would cover.

They would state the stories, then go through them, one by one in full.   Times, dates, places, giving information as if it was an encyclopaedia.

After completing the stories, the BBC announcer would do a round up of all stories they covered.

The paradigm was; “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.”

When answering an exam question one would begin by defining the question, then answering the question, then the last paragraph would be a summary of what was contained in the question.

Doing it this way meant that if the question was badly phrased, if open to more than one interpretation,the student would be able to score higher by clarifying what was being answered.

The BBC no longer gives this full bodied news every hour and half hour.   The BBC gives quick flings of bits and pieces, racing to present some pointless blah blah, to fill the time.

If you  turn on the BBC World Service at 10:06 you will not hear a dram of news until 10:30, and in the two minutes, the media mouth races to get back to some pointless rubbish that one can not repeat, because it is so boring and vacuous one’s brain can no more capture it than hearing a cicada.

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